Course Syllabi

Listed below are the current syllabi for the Fall 2011 semester in .pdf form (Adobe Acrobat) for both undergraduate and graduate Earth Sciences courses. Links will be added as soon as they become available. Clicking on the faculty name will bring you to that faculty member's information page.

Earth Sciences Undergraduate Course Descriptions
Earth Sciences Graduate Course Descriptions

Esci. 400 - Freshman Field Seminar J. Bryce
Esci. 401 - The Dynamic Earth M. Boettcher
Esci. 405 - Global Environmental Change C. Wake
ESci. 444 - Water - How Much is Enough? M. Davis
Esci. 501 - Introduction to Oceanography J. Johnson
Esci. 512 - Principles of Mineralogy J. Laird
Esci.530 - Geological Field Methods P. Thompson
Esci. 534 - Techniques in Environmental Science R. Varner
Esci. 561 - Landscape Evolution J. Licciardi
Esci. 652 - Paleontology W. Clyde
Esci. 705/805 - Principles of Hydrology A. Lightbody
ESci. 715/815 - Global Atmospheric Chemistry R. Talbot
Esci. 747/847 - Aqueous Geochemistry L. Kalnejais
Esci. 758/858 - Introduction to Physical Oceanography J. Pringle
Esci. 759/859 - Geological Oceanography L. Mayer/J. Gardner
ESci. 766/866 - Volcanology J. Bryce/J. Licciardi
Esci. 795 (01) - Topics Staff
Esci. 799 - Senior Thesis Staff
Esci. 895 - Topics (01) Staff
Esci 795/895 (02) - Top/Earth System Science C. Wake/S. Frolking
Esci. 895 (03) - Top/Research Tools in Ocean Mapping D. Monahan
Esci 795/895 (04) - Top/Global Marine Ecosystems J. Salisbury
ESci. 895(05) 0 Mech. of Earthquakes and Faulting M. Boettcher
Esci. 898 - Directed Research M. Davis
Esci. 899 - Master's Thesis M. Davis
Esci. 993 - Advanced Seminar/Earth M. Boettcher
Esci. 995 - Advanced Topics Staff
Esci. 997 - Seminar in Earth Sciences R. Came
Esci. 999 - Doctoral Research M. Davis

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