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Julie Bryce

Julie Bryce
Associate Professor

Geochemistry, Volcanology
Ph.D. University of California, Santa Barbara, 1998
email address: julie.bryce(at)
(603) 862-3139



Research Interests

My primary research interests lie in the application of trace elemental and isotope geochemistry to time and track processes in Earth Surface and Deep Earth environments. Here are several ongoing projects that fit under this large umbrella.  We also have projects collaboratively with faculty in other disciplines (e.g., Archeology) who wish to use these techniques to address important questions reconstructing societal dynamics of earlier civilizations.


We are always on the lookout for students interested in creative applications of trace element and isotope geochemistry. 


Bryce image

Linking basaltic melts to the chemical structure of the mantle

Bryce image

Wet and dry deposition of trace metals in New England

Bryce image

Elemental cycling in terrestrial ecosystems

Bryce image

Phenocryst compositions and melt inclusions as probes of mantle source and crustal-level processes (photo by Chris Waters)

Selected publications can be found here.


The UNH geochemistry groups work in the recently installed James Hall Clean Lab, a ~1300 ft2 (~120 m2) class 1,000 facility.
Our group has developed the UNH high resolution single collector inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry laboratory, equipped with a Nu attoM, accompanying desolvating nebulizer for more sensitive solution work and a New Wave UP213 (213 nm) deep-UV YAG laser ablation system (LA-HR-ICP-MS).


Please direct any inquiries to julie.bryce(at)

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