Retired Faculty News

Kenneth K. Andersen – Every other Friday Ken gets together with several UNH retirees for lunch at Youngs.  Ken still enjoys outdoor activities and Cross Country skis from the end of December until the end of March. Then, with the snow gone, he switches dress to Lycra and, with images of Le Tour in his head, cycles, sometimes with Gary Weisman. Ken has joined Facebook and has an iTouch just so he can say that he’s keeping up with the times. So far he’s drawn the line at Twitter. He still puts a cell phone to his ear when walking through campus so he doesn’t look suspicious. This year he moved up from VP of the Retired Faculty Association to President which means he doesn’t have to bring the cookies (the main job of the VP). Frank Pilar was the president before Ken. Ken is also active in the Durham Community Church and meddles in Durham town activities.

N. Dennis Chasteen – Denny retired in May 2008. A wonderful retirement dinner was held at that time and attended by many of his former students and colleagues. An undergraduate summer research scholarship in his name was established by students and colleagues and was announced at the dinner. Denny was also the recipient of the Distinguished University Professor award. While still active in research and continuing to publish, Denny is gradually transitioning to other activities. He has constructed a large fenced garden of raised beds where he grows vegetables for local food pantries. He continues to enjoy scuba diving and underwater photography. During the past year he has worked on the construction of a bedroom addition to their home in Lee. Denny and Lori are members of the Seacoast Science Center, the Great Bay Stewards and the Durham Garden Club. He always enjoys hearing from former students and colleagues.

David W. Ellis – After 16 years at UNH, David became the President of Lafayette College and after 12 years assumed the presidency of the Museum of Science in Boston, a position that he held for 12 years. While David and Marion enjoyed their years at Lafayette and at the Museum of Science, there was never any question where they would retire. They had enjoyed immensely their years at UNH and in Durham/Lee. They built a home on Great Bay in 2002 and are very happy to be back in the area, where it turns out two of their daughters also live.

Colin D. Hubbard – Professor Emeritus of Chemistry, since 1994; UNH 1967 -1994
Chemistry and Educational Activities: “Solvatochromism and Solvation of Transition Metal Complexes”; Structural Chemistry, 21, 439-448 (2010). With John Burgess.
“Partial Molar Volumes of Transition Metal Ions and Counter Ions”; J. Coord. Chem., 63, 2461-2471, (2010) With John Burgess. Solicited contribution to Honor Rudi van Eldik’s 65th birthday.
“Understanding Chemical Reaction Mechanisms in Ionic Liquids: Successes and Challenges”, Chem. Soc. Reviews, 40, 272-290, (2011). With Peter Illner and Rudi van Eldik.
“Perborate in Context: Catalysis or Convenience” A Chapter in Advances in Inorg. Chem., Vol. 65 (2013) With John Burgess.
Appointed Coeditor with Rudi van Eldik for Volume 65 of Advances in Inorganic Chemistry. The theme of Vol. 65 is catalysis. Published in January 2013. Appointed National Examinations and International Baccalaureate examination invigilator at Oakham independent and boarding School.
Civic, Cultural, Recreational and Social Activities:   Executive Committee of Friends of Rutland County Museum and Oakham Castle, .
Rutland Local History and Records Society, Rutland Decorative and Fine Arts Society, English Heritage, Rutland Ramblers, Oakham Allotment Gardens Association, Triumph Owners Motor Cycle Club.

Paul R. Jones – Paul has been a visiting Scholar in the Department of Chemistry at the University of Michigan since 1995. Since that time he has also served as the editor of the Bulletin for the History of Chemistry (published by History of Chemistry Division of ACS). For the past ten years he has been ACS National Councilor for the Huron Valley Section. Paul and Meredyth celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary in the summer of 2008.

James D. Morrison – Jim and Judy live quietly, and delightfully, in warm, sunny Florida most of the year. They try to travel to New England for part of the summer. They enjoy taking cruises. Jim sums it up as “Life is good.”

Charles W. Owens – Charley and Barbara are now living in San Diego, but maintain a "vacation" cottage in Maine. They try to spend some time there (in warm weather) visiting their son (Wes) and grandchildren. Charley does some part-time consulting in New England - even in winter.

Frank L. Pilar – Frank and Anita are very active in the Durham Community Church where Frank is Assistant Warden. He is in charge of the furniture bank, which provides furniture to needy UNH students, mostly foreign students, during their tenure at the university. Frank repairs and delivers furniture. He and Anita enjoy getting to know the students, sharing meals with them and learning of their homelands and families. Frank was previously a member of the town council and the historic district commission. He stays in shape by taking long walks daily.