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Fall 2015

Christopher F. Bauer, Professor Learning road-blocks and how to address them pedagogically. Asessment and building of student attitudes, metacognition, and motivation. Development of active inquiry and collaborative learning models.403 General Chemistry
501 PLTL
800 Chem Teaching Seminar
Erik Berda, Associate ProfessorDesign and synthesis of well-defined, shaped persistent polymeric nanostructures from single polymer chains. Hierarchical self-assembly of polymeric nanoparticle building blocks into nano, meso, and micro scale architectures and devices.
Functional polymeric materials for advanced applications.
547 Organic Chemistry
Marc A. Boudreau, Assistant ProfessorOrganic chemistry and chemical biology to study antibiotic resistance in bacteria. Organic synthesis is used to access new compounds that either exhibit unexplored mechanisms of inhibition against known bacterial targets, or that can function as probes for the identification of new targets. The synthesized compounds are evaluated in-house against clinically relevant bacterial strains and against their proposed enzyme targets. The mechanism of inhibition of active compounds is studied in detail, which is then utilized to inform the rational design of improved inhibitors. 
Christine A. Caputo, Assistant ProfessorDesign and synthesis of new organic and organometallic complexes that can act as catalysts or precursors for the deveopment of new photoactive materials. Photochemical and electrochemical techniques are used to test for catalytic activity and spectroscopic methods are used to study the photophysical properties of new materials. Current research projects are focussed on using Earth-abundant metals to synthesize organometallic complexes for the catalytic conversion of small molecules (e.g. CO2 N2, O2, H2O etc.) into more valuable sustainable fuel precursors using sunlight.903 Advanced Inorganic Chemistry
Leila F. Deravi, Assistant ProfessorIntegrating the structure dependent function of self-assembling proteins and biopolymers into flexible devices for applications ranging from catalysis to wearable electronics.517 Quantitative Analysis
518 Quantitative Analysis Lab
Arthur Greenberg, ProfessorPhysical organic chemistry and environmental organic chemistry.755/855 Adv Org Chemistry
756 Adv Org Chem Lab
Margaret E. Greenslade, Associate Professor Physical and Atmospheric Chemistry. Chemical and physical transformations of aerosol properties. Aerosol optical properties are of specific interest.995 Colloquium

Richard P. Johnson, Professor 

Organic Chemistry, structural limitations in hydrocarbons with strained pi bonds.

Sarah Joiner, Lecturer and Organic Lab Coordinator 

546 Organic Chemistry Lab
549 Organic Chemistry Lab
653 Organic Chemistry Lab

Gonghu Li, Associate ProfessorBridging surface chemistry with molecular catalysis for solar energy applications; photochemical and photoelectrochemical CO2 reduction; TiO2 photocatalysis

683 Physical Chemistry I

Howard R. Mayne, Professor 


Dynamics of ineleastic collisions of small molecules, reactions at surfaces, optimization methods, nonisothermal kinetics.776 Phys Chem III
Glen P. Miller, Professor and Department ChairFullerene and carbon nanotube chemistries, scanning probe microscopy (SPM) based nanomanufacturing.651 Organic Chemistry
Samuel Pazicni, Associate ProfessorDeveloping instructional methodologies to facilitate peer instruction in the classroom; assessment methods to evaluate learning progressions.400 Freshman Seminar
Roy P. Planalp, Associate Professor Synthesis, structure and reactivity of metal coordination complexes; use of novel metal chelators and complexes in the study of cellular metal metabolism and the treatment of disease.774/874 Inorganic Chem
W. Rudolf Seitz, Professor Chemical sensor development, preparation of new polymeric materials for chemical sensing, remote chemical measurements through fiber optics.

405 Chem Princ for Engineers
934 Chemical Equilibria

Sterling A. Tomellini, Professor Chemical separations using liquid chromatography and capillary electrophoresis, vibrational spectroscopic investigations, expert systems.

934 Chemical Equilibria
997 A/P/E seminar

 John Tsavalas, Associate Professor

Dynamic modeling of colloidal interactions, film formation, & evolution of multi-phase morphology. Dynamic modeling of reaction kinetics, macromolecular architecture development, phase separation, and particle morphology development for colloidal synthesis. Hydroplasticization of copolymers and impact on diffusion, phase separation, and viscoelastic properties. Distribution of water within polymer colloids. Experimental Synthesis & Reactions.Control of colloidal morphology in polymeric nanoparticle synthesis (encapsulation, multi-component structured latex, hollow latex, hybrid (alkyd/acrylic, PU/acrylic) latex, etc.). Colloids.

Patricia Wilkinson, Affiliate FacultyAnalytical Instrumentation Scientist
University Instrumentation Center
Katherine Winans, Instructor 403 General Chemistry
411 Intro Chem Life Sciences
Charles K. Zercher, Professor 
Associate Dean, CEPS
Synthetic methods and strategies, organic spectroscopy, and introductory organic chemistry.918 Spc Topic


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