To Enroll or Remove from a Wait List


If a student receives an email inviting them to enroll from a wait list, a response is required to either Enroll or Remove the student from the Wait List for that session. A response must be received within 48 hours to complete enrollment in order for the session spot to be saved for that student. The email received will include a link to log into the student account.

To register or decline the wait list invitation, log into the student account and follow these steps:

  • Click on 'My Enrollment History.' If several tabs are shown click on the Wait List tab to see the ‘My Wait Listed Programs’ page.
  • From this page, under 'Actions and Status' a student can click either Enroll or Remove button.
  • Clicking the Enroll button adds the session to the cart to proceed with enrollment and payment.
  • Clicking the Remove button takes the student off the Wait List for that session.


  • An invitation to enroll from a Wait List is auto-generated from the registration software and will appear to come from UNH Learn for Life.
  • The email is sent to the preferred email address on the student account.