• Christian McBride

    Christian McBride

    Christian McBride, photographed by Gary Lowe and Robert Festa

  • Herbie Hancock

    Herbie Hancock

    Herbie Hancock, photographed by Gary Lowe and Robert Festa

  • Kandace Springs

    Kandace Springs

    Kandace Springs, photographed by Gary Lowe and Robert Festa

  • Ravi Coltrane

    Ravi Coltrane

    Ravi Coltrane, photographed by Gary Lowe and Robert Festa 

  • Tia Fuller

    Tia Fuller

    Tia Fuller, photographed by Gary Lowe and Robert Festa

  • Terence Blanchard

    Terence Blanchard

    Terence Blanchard, photographed by Gary Lowe and Robert Festa

Newport Jazz Festival 2019

WUNH's Jazz genre manager, Gary Lowe, covered the Newport Jazz Festival this year and found it to be, as always, wonderful. It's now under the artistic direction of world famous Christian McBride and he's influencing it in wonderful ways, bringing in other genres blended with all of the subgenres of jazz. The weather cooperated and all 22,801 attendees had a soulful time for the three days at Fort Adams State Park. Saturday had the highest attendance with 9,145 Jazz fans taking over the Fort. The Newport Jazz Festival is sponsored by Natixis Global Managers. It's 2020 festival is set for August 7-9! Here are some photos from this year's festival taken by Gary Lowe and Robert Festa.

Septemberfest 2019

Come join WUNH at Freedom Cafe in Durham, NH on September 27th from 5-9 PM and celebrate the spirit of local music with an amazing array of artists such as Slackline, Jake Valeri, Sneaky Miles, and more! This event sponsored by Freedom Cafe and WUNH is free to WUNH students!

Marathon 2018

Every year, we take a week to kindly ask our listeners (who are able) for donations to keep the station running. This year, marathon is taking place from November 11-17. There is a list of premiums on the homepage of the website and a red button that you can click to make an online donation. If you would prefer, donations can also be made via phone call at 603-862-2222. Thank you so much for your time!

Fall 2018 Vinyl Week

From November 4-10, WUNH will be playing all-vinyl programming. Tune in for this special event to hear classic, new, and specialty vinyl shows!