Teddy M

Show Hours: 
Tuesday 9-10am, Wednesday 4-6pm
General Programming

Teddy joined WUNH back in 2017 to play Pearl Jam and The Smashing Pumpkins -- after about two weeks of college radio, he discovered there was much better music to be found. Now in his last year of college, he shapes his two shows -- one totally punk and one general programming -- with a blend of new and old artists from the music underground. Tune in Tuesday's, 9-10 am, for a fresh blast of hardcore and art-flavored punk, and Wednesday's 4-6 pm for 2 hours of indie, alternative, twee, electronic, synth-wave, gothic, and a whole bunch of other stuff you can only hear on the seacoast's sound alternative, WUNH Durham. 

Most Recent Playlist

Playlist Title:  The Trash Can: Redux
By DJ:  Teddy McNulty
Play Date:   Mar 11, 2020
Unwound “Hexenzsene” from New Plastic Ideas
Still Corners “Into the Trees” from Creatures of an Hour (Bonus Track Version)
Hammock “Dissonance” from Everything and Nothing
A Place to Bury Strangers “Never Coming Back” from Pinned
Land of the Loops “Growing Concern” from Bundle of Joy
The Telescopes “The Perfect Needle” from Altered Perception
SASAMI “Not the Time” from SASAMI
Spud Cannon “Taken for Granted” from Squeeze
Minimal Man “Loneliness” from The Shroud Of (Remastered)
The Olivia Tremor Control “The Opera House” from Music From The Unrealized Film Script: Dusk At Cubist Castle
Nanami Ozone “Think of Me None” from No
Baseball Gregg “Sad Sandra” from Vacation
Bonus “Bathlight” from IIII
Mr. Elevator “Kompressor” from Goodbye, Blue Sky
Whoop-Szo “Cut Your Hair” from Warrior Down
Stereo Total “Exakt neutral” from Musique Automatique
Xylorp “Grunk” from Pink Steam
DXIII “Aluminum Plastic Skin” from Silver Pieces
Alltagaskrampf “Pistazien eis” from Bedeutungsschwanger im Proberaum
THICK “Bumming Me Out” from 5 Years Behind
The Orielles “The Square Eyed Pack” from Disco Volador
Ramper “Oxígeno” from Nuestros mejores deseos
Hamerkop “Polisher” from Remote
The Cuckoos “It's a Shame” from I Hate Love
Plains “Barrel Rider” from Peace in Restland
Bonnie "Prince" Billy “You Know the One” from I Made a Place
Swim Mountain “Without Sun” from If - EP
Wasted Shirt “The Purple One” from Fungus II
Von Wegen Trio “Traum” from Wald