Sam Graff

Sam Graff
Show Hours: 
Monday 6-8pm, Thursday 7-9am

Hello, my name is Sam and I'm an English and Communication double major at UNH. I love music across the vast majority of genres, but I generally have a preference for the heavier and noisier side of things. This normally manifests in the various subgenres of modern extreme metal and the somewhat related world of noise, punk, and its adjacent sounds. I also enjoy a fair bit of Post-Rock, Shoegaze, Slowcore, Alternative Hip-Hop and anything with non-traditional sonic aesthetics. For fun, I play Tuba and Guitar and I enjoy reading, writing and the consumption of all forms of art.

Most Recent Playlist

Playlist Title:  The Precipice of Prog 4/8
By DJ:  The Freezing Moon
Play Date:   Apr 08, 2021
Jethro Tull “Thick As a Brick, Pt. 2” from Thick As a Brick (Remastered)
Rush “2112: I. Overture, II. The Temples of Syrinx, III. Discovery, IV. Presentation, V. Oracle: The Dream, VI. Soliloquy, VII. Grand Finale” from 2112 (Remastered)
Wobbler “Five Rooms” from Dwellers of the Deep
Haken “Falling Back To Earth” from The Mountain
Leprous “The Flood” from The Congregation
Dream Theater “Repentance” from Systematic Chaos
Khemmis “Bloodletting” from Desolation
Xenobiotic “Insomnia” from Mordrake
Blood Incantation “Awakening From the Dream of Existence to the Multidimensional Nature of Our Reality (Mirror of the Soul)” from Hidden History of the Human Race