Kelsea B

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Thursday 1-3pm
General Programming

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Most Recent Playlist

Playlist Title:  Anonymous Shrew
By DJ:  Kelsea
Play Date:   Mar 12, 2020
Hyper Olympic “Solar Panels! Our AC's Green.” from Life Is but a Dream Team
Bonus “Sneakers” from IIII
Star Parks “Something More” from The New Sounds of Late Capitalism
Loving “Simple Moon” from If I Am Only My Thoughts
Overcoats “Leave If You Wanna” from The Fight
Moose Blood “Talk In Your Sleep” from I Don't Think I Can Do This Anymore
Lone Kodiak “Candles” from Pt. I - Single
Car Seat Headrest “Can't Cool Me Down” from Can't Cool Me Down - Single
Dreaming Of Ghosts “Let Me Know You” from Dreaming of Ghosts
Termination Dust “It's Not a Place, It's a Feeling” from Growing Down
Worriers “Big Feelings” from You or Someone You Know
Paramore “Fake Happy” from After Laughter
Emily Reo “Strawberry” from Only You Can See It
St Francis Hotel “The Truth Is Dead (feat. TT)” from 30th Century Records, Vol. 2
Blume “When You Took My Hand” from Still Believe - EP
Thick “Bumming Me Out” from 5 Years Behind
Post Animal “Safe or Not” from Forward Motion Godyssey
The Warhawks “I Can't Wait” from Stardust Disco - EP
twentythreenineteen “You” from XXIIIXIX
Soccer Mommy “yellow is the color of her eyes” from color theory
Baseball Gregg “Young” from Calendar
Bandaid Brigade “Holding Steady” from I'm Separate
Dead Stars “February Ghost” from Never Not Here
Turnstile “Can't Get Away” from Time & Space
Lightning Rules “Fossil Fuels” from Fossil Fuels - EP
Wild Nothing “Foyer” from single
A. Swayze & the Ghosts “Mess of Me” from Mess of Me - Single
Jagwar Twin “Loser” from Subject To Flooding
Barely Civil “Super 8 // Marathon” from We Can Live Here Forever