Devan R

Show Hours: 
Friday 8-10pm
Pop, Punk, Tuvan Throat Singing

Need tips on how to manage your horde of alien death snakes? Run out of hexes to prevent the growth of that pesky extra head? Tune into Cat Party! Matt, Devan, and their totally willing guests, definitely participating of their own volition, are here to help. Cat Party is a whimsical blend of pop and punk with an emphasis on rockin’ ladies. Our carefully constructed radio program is guaranteed to distract you from the cacophony of infant screams stemming from your recent demon infestation. Furthermore, we would love to tell you the location of your long lost voodoo necromancy doll. Oh, and a friendly warning regarding the black stuff leaking from the ceiling in your bedroom; we put that there. Stop touching it. A silent Meredith production.

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