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Saturday 1-4pm
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Most Recent Playlist

Playlist Title:  Dave Scott
By DJ:  Dave Scott
Play Date:   May 28, 2022
JANNEY “Leave You Now (Boye & Sigvardt Remix)” from Leave You Now - Single
JANNEY “Shattered” from Janney
Mallrat “Rockstar” from Rockstar - Single
Jordana “I Mean That” from Face The Wall
Thomas Dollbaum “Strange” from Wellswood
Delta Spirit “Pick It Up” from One Is One
Cola “Blank Curtain” from Deep in View
fanclubwallet “Trying to Be Nice” from Trying to Be Nice - Single
fanclubwallet “Solid Ground” from You Have Got to Be Kidding Me
Mild Orange “F.E.A.R.” from Looking For Space
The Ghost Orchid “Invisible String” from Single
Porridge Radio “Waterslide, Diving Board, Ladder To the Sky” from Waterslide, Diving Board, Ladder To the Sky
Tops “Perfected Steps” from Perfected Steps - Single
The Slaps “Hell No” from Tomato Tree
C Duncan “Heaven” from Alluvium
Death Lens “Slow Burner” from No Luck
Sister Ray “Violence” from Communion
Warpaint “Proof” from Radiate Like This
Blunt Chunks “Natural Actors” from Natural Actors - Single
Beck Pete “Softie” from Softie - Single
Kate Possi “Rosemary” from Rosemary - Single
Tomberlin “happy accident” from i don’t know who needs to hear this...
The Quiet Stars “Sprung (feat. Kokayi)” from Rebirth - EP
The Quiet Stars “Mama's words (feat. Phaseone)” from Rebirth - EP
The Quiet Stars “Better Together (Superlove)” from Rebirth - EP
Frontperson “Visions” from Parade
MJ Lenderman “Dan Marino” from Boat Songs
MJ Lenderman “Six Flags” from Boat Songs
Kisskadee “Black Hole Era” from Black Hole Era - Single
Lisa Mitchell “Dreaming, Swimming” from A Place To Fall Apart
Frog Eyes “A Rhyme for the Star” from The Bees
Let's Eat Grandma “Sunday” from Two Ribbons
Faye Webster “Sometimes” from Car Therapy Sessions - EP
Suki Waterhouse “Wild Side” from I Can't Let Go
Girlpool “Dragging My Life Into a Dream” from Forgiveness
The Linda Lindas “Remember” from Growing Up
Deanna Petcoff “I Didn't Lie” from To Hell With You, I Love You
The Loyal Seas “(So far from) Silverlake” from Strange Mornings In the Garden
Caracara “Useful Machine” from New Preoccupations