Chloe S

Chloe Serena
Show Hours: 
Tuesday 9-11am
General Programming

WUNH has nearly 70 DJs comprised of both students and community members. If you're interested in training to be a DJ, contact the Chief Announcer. The station offers a diversity in programming, broadcasting via 91.3 FM and online at

Most Recent Playlist

Playlist Title:  It's All Alright
By DJ:  Chloe S
Play Date:   Oct 20, 2020
Milk & Bone “Daydream” from Daydream - Single
Nyallah “Do U Remember?” from Reflections - EP
Becca Mancari “Hunter” from The Greatest Part
Clairo “North” from Immunity
Mt. Joy “Sheep” from Mt. Joy
Soak “Déjà Vu” from Grim Town
RAC “Toulouse (feat. Minke)” from BOY
Joseph “Green Eyes” from Good Luck, Kid
Fiona Apple “Shameika” from Fetch The Bolt Cutters
Turnover “Cutting My Fingers Off” from Peripheral Vision
Cayucas “Jessica WJ” from Jessica WJ - Single
Sticky Fingers “Sunsick Moon” from Yours To Keep
Sleigh Bells “Infinity Guitars” from Infinity Guitars - Single
Beachtape “Think Like You” from Bigger Picture - EP
Dizzy “Twist” from Heavy / Twist - EP
Honyock “The Quarry” from #13 - EP
My Morning Jacket “Climbing The Ladder” from The Waterfall II
The Japanese House “Saw You In A Dream” from Saw You In a Dream - EP
Winter “Say” from Endless Space (Between You & I)
Japanese Wallpaper “Glow” from Glow
Purity Ring “Bodyache” from Another Eternity
RAC “Boomerang (feat. Luna Shadows)” from BOY
Lowell “The Bells” from We Loved Her Dearly
Cathedrals “Harlem” from Cathedrals - EP
Rostam “Bike Dream” from Half-Light
Sylvan Esso “Rewind” from WITH
Mallrat “Drive Me Round” from Driving Music - EP
Death Cab for Cutie “I Dreamt We Spoke Again” from Thank You for Today
Milk & Bone “Ride or Die” from DIVE - EP
Loving “Visions” from Visions - Single
Brazos “Day Glo” from Phosphorescent Blues