Chloe S

Chloe Serena
Show Hours: 
Tuesday 9-11am
General Programming

WUNH has nearly 70 DJs comprised of both students and community members. If you're interested in training to be a DJ, contact the Chief Announcer. The station offers a diversity in programming, broadcasting via 91.3 FM and online at

Most Recent Playlist

Playlist Title:  It's All Alright
By DJ:  Chloe S
Play Date:   Apr 12, 2021
Lime Cordiale “Robbery” from 14 Steps To a Better You
Milk & Bone “Ride or Die” from DIVE - EP
Honyock “The Quarry” from #13 - EP
RAC “Boomerang (feat. Luna Shadows)” from BOY
Mallrat “Drive Me Round” from Driving Music - EP
Becca Mancari “Hunter” from Hunter
Nyallah “Do U Remember?” from Reflections - EP
Corridor “Topographe” from Junior
Love Fame Tragedy “Backflip” from Backflip - Single
Varsity “Cult of Personality” from Cult of Personality - So Sad, So Sad - Single
Walrus “Cool to Who” from Cool to Who
TOPS “Echo of Dawn” from Echo of Dawn / Seven Minutes - Single
Lisa Prank “Rodeo” from Perfect Love Song
Beautiful Dudes “Radio” from Radio
Mild Minds “Movements” from Mood
The Shelters “Tangled Up” from Jupiter Sidecar
The Green Bullets “Naive” from The Green Bullets
Fime “Nogales” from 1
Alberta “Nobody's” from Mmmmm
Hater “It's so Easy” from It's so Easy - Single
Dream Wife “Somebody” from Dream Wife
The Greeting Committee “You've Got Me” from This Is It
Methyl Ethel “No. 28” from Everything Is Forgotten
Little Dragon “Another Lover” from New Me, Same Us
The Districts “4th and Roebling” from A Flourish and a Spoil
Kississippi “Cut Yr Teeth” from Sunset Blush
Lucy Dacus “Dancing In the Dark” from 2019
The Helio Sequence “Hallelujah” from Keep Your Eyes Ahead
Rainbow Kitten Suprise “Painkillers” from How To: Friend, Love, Free fall