Chloe S

Chloe Serena
Show Hours: 
Tuesday 9-11am
General Programming

WUNH has nearly 70 DJs comprised of both students and community members. If you're interested in training to be a DJ, contact the Chief Announcer. The station offers a diversity in programming, broadcasting via 91.3 FM and online at

Most Recent Playlist

Playlist Title:  Braeden
By DJ:  Chloe S
Play Date:   Nov 17, 2020
Disheveled Cuss “Shut Up” from Disheveled Cuss
High Waisted “Drive” from Drive - Single
e4444e “Wind Nocturne” from Coldstream Road
Tommy and the Commies “One Arch Town” from Hurtin' 4 Certain - EP
Intercooler “Surfin'” from Read the Room
Varsity “Fine Forever” from Fine Forever
Moaning “Ego” from Uneasy Laughter
Theory Of Why “Packing Up” from Path of the Heart - EP
Pedro Lima “Maguidala” from Maguidala
Aborted Tortoise “Side A: Making a Mint - Factory” from Scale Model Subsistence Vendor
Yumi Zouma “Cool For a Second” from Cool For a Second - Single
Damaged Bug “I Tried” from Bug On Yonkers
Gundelach “Rainstorm (I Worry 'Bout You Always)” from My Frail Body
Cornershop “St Marie Under Canon” from England is a Garden
Omaloma “Super Melys” from Swish
Al Doum & The Faryds “Satieva” from Spirit Rejoin
Julia Bardo “I Wanna Feel Love” from I Wanna Feel Love - Single
Esplendor Geometrico “Moscú Está Helado” from Prehistoric Sounds. Necrosis & More 1980-1981
Cyril Cyril “Sous la mer c'est calme” from Certaine Ruines
Built to Spill “Life In Vain” from Built to Spill Plays the Songs of Daniel Johnston
Braids “Young Buck” from Shadow Offering
Pottery “Texas Drums Pt I & II” from Texas Drums Pt I & II - Single
El Shirota “Rtl” from Tiempos Raros
Healing Potpourri “Think about Us” from Blanket of Calm
Remo Drive “Ode to Joy 2” from A Portrait of an Ugly Man
Hanni El Khatib “HOW” from FLIGHT
Discovery Zone “Dance II” from Dance II - Single
RAC “Sweater (feat. Maddie Jay)” from BOY
Purity Ring “Bodyache” from Animal Soul
Glass Animals “Heat Waves” from Dreamland
Becca Mancari “Hunter” from Hunter
Bloxx “Coming Up Short” from Coming Up Short - Single
G Flip “Drink Too Much” from About Us
St. South “If It's Not You (feat. N.Y.C.K.)” from Get Well Soon
Sylvan Esso “Rewind” from WITH
Milk & Bone “Ride or Die” from DIVE - EP
SALES “Ivy” from Ivy - Single
The Greeting Committee “Simply Surviving” from I'm Afraid I'm Not Angry - EP
Mura Masa “What If I Go?” from Mura Masa
Dizzy “Twist” from Heavy / Twist - EP
Wild Nothing “Foyer” from Laughing Gas - EP
Dr. Dog “Nellie” from B - Room (Deluxe Edition)
Big Star “Thirteen” from #1 Record
Joseph “Green Eyes” from Good Luck, Kid