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Playlist Title:  Curveball
By DJ:  Catrina M
Play Date:   Oct 21, 2019
Iggy Pop “Glow in the Dark” from Free
Salami Rose Joe Louis “Octagonal Room” from Zdenka 2080
Pile “Bruxist Grin” from Green and Gray
Husky Loops “Good As Gold” from I Can't Even Speak English
Bethlehem Steel “Sponge” from Bethlehem Steel
PINK MEXICO “Rattlebrain” from Dump
Blessed “Pill” from Salt
LIFE “Ba Ba Ba” from Popular Music
Crumb “Locket” from Locket - EP
Yellow Days “The Way Things Change” from The Way Things Change - Single
The Curls “Isn't It Funny” from Isn't It Funny - Single
Thundercat “Them Changes” from Drunk
!!! “Couldn't Have Known” from Wallop
Jamila Woods “FRIDA” from LEGACY! LEGACY!
Steve Lacy “Like me (feat. DAISY)” from Apollo XXI
Winston Surfshirt “For the Record” from For the Record - Single
Whitney “My Life Alone” from Forever Turned Around
Twin Peaks “Dance Through It” from Lookout Low
Sampa the Great “Final Form” from Final Form - Single
Marco Benevento “Let It Slide” from Let It Slide
Beach Skulls “Sacred Citrus” from Las Dunas
The Black Keys “Go” from "Let's Rock"
Hockey Dad “Running Out” from Blend Inn
Foster the People “Lotus Eater” from Sacred Hearts Club
Ty Segall “I'm a Man” from Fudge Sandwich
The Brutalists “Leave It Out” from We Are Not Here to Help
The Vice Rags “Lucille” from Hope the Neighbors Are Lookin'