Carrie T

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Thursday 9-11am
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Playlist Title:  Carrie T
By DJ:  Carrie T
Play Date:   Mar 11, 2020
Hozier “Wasteland, Baby!” from Wasteland, Baby!
Aunty Social “Trying” from Trying - Single
Bonus “Ocean” from IIII
Dwight Yoakam “Smoke Along the Track” from Hillbilly Deluxe
Overcoats “Fire & Fury” from The Fight
Lucero “Always Been You” from Among the Ghosts
Stephen Malkmus “Shadowbanned” from Traditional Techniques
Whoop-Szo “Long Braided Hair” from Warrior Down
Shinedown “Thick as Thieves” from Threat to Survival
Roman Lewis “Ways” from Ways - Single
Wajatta “Tonight” from Don’t Let Get You Down
Worriers “Big Feelings” from Big Feelings - Single
Dan Owen “Icarus” from Stay Awake with Me
Sons Of The East “Whiskey and Wine” from Burn Right Through - EP