Carrie T

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Thursday 9-11am
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Playlist Title:  Carrie T
By DJ:  Carrie T
Play Date:   Apr 08, 2021
The Menzingers “Strangers Forever” from From Exile
Valley Maker “Branch I Bend” from When the Day Leaves
Love Fame Tragedy “Hardcore” from Wherever I Go, I Want To Leave
Grizfolk “Spoonful” from Rarest of Birds
Frank Ene “Housing Alcove” from No Longer - EP
Twin Peaks “Dance Through It” from Lookout Low
The Unlikely Candidates “Violence” from Bed of Liars - EP
Sons Of The East “Burn Right Through” from Burn Right Through - EP
Vampire Weekend “Flower Moon (feat. Steve Lacy)” from Father of the Bride
Adult Mom “Passenger” from Driver
Sydney Sprague “i refuse to die” from maybe i will see you at the end of the world
Atmig “On Fumes” from Wishes
Tender “Fear of Falling Asleep” from Fear of Falling Asleep
Balthazar “Powerless” from Sand
Cage the Elephant “Night Running” from Social Cues
Black Country, New Road “Sunglasses” from For the First Time
Roman Lewis “Heartbreak” from Heartbreak (For Now)
Lael Neale “How Far Is It to the Grave” from Acquainted with Night
Joseph “Green Eyes” from Good Luck, Kid
Quiet Canyons “Everything is Fine” from Quiet Canyons
Somos “My Way to You” from Prison on a Hill
Quiet Takes “Wanted” from San Fidel - EP