Angelee M

Angelee M
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Thursday 6-8pm
General Programming

Hi there, my name is Angelee! For shoegazey lo-fi indie that is totally cool and unique tune into my show “Not Like Other Girls”. If you like Latin Music be sure to listen to Radio Latina, Wednesday’s 10pm-Midnight hosted by me and Hayden. When I’m not at the station you can find me rollerskating, cooking yummy vegetarian food, or somewhere by the water!

Most Recent Playlist

Playlist Title:  "Not Like Other Girls"
By DJ:  Angelee G
Play Date:   Nov 19, 2020
Exploding Flowers “A Daunting Thought” from Stumbling Blocks
Girl Friday “This Is Not the Indie Rock I Signed Up For” from Androgynous Mary
Soccer Mommy “Your Dog” from Clean
Liza Anne “Bummer Days” from Bad Vacation
Matt Maltese “sad dream” from madhouse
DIIV “Out of Mind” from Is the Is Are
Real Estate “Shallow Sun” from The Main Thing
Lime Cordiale “That's Life” from 14 Steps To A Better You
Glass Animals “Heat Waves” from Heat Waves
BLOXX “It Won't Work Out” from Lie Out Loud
Washed Out “Time to Walk Away” from Purple Noon
e4444e “Rum Mountain” from Coldstream Road
Arca “No Queda Nada” from KiCk i
The Dream Syndicate “The Regulator” from The Universe Inside
The Know “Dreamlike State” from wearetheknow
Baby Bulldog “Work on Things” from Rodney
Braids “Young Buck” from Shadow Offering
GUM “Weightless in L.A” from Out In The World
Flock of Dimes “Spring in Winter” from Like So Much Desire
Crack Cloud “Tunnel Vision” from Pain Olympics
Cedarsmoke “Keep Passing The Open Windows” from Everything Is The Worst
Sonic Boom “Tawkin Tekno” from All Things Being Equal
Trevor Powers “The Riverine” from Capricorn
The Modern Lovers “Walk Up The Street” from Precise Modern Lovers Order (Live In Berkeley And Boston)