Ally W

Ally Wilke
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Thursday 7-9AM
General Programming

Hi there!! My name is Ally. My major is Biomedical Labatory Science and I love to paint and go on nature walks! My favorite bands are Alice In Chains, Exit Order, and Black Sabbath!! I have two cats that are my babies ! :) 

Most Recent Playlist

Playlist Title:  Manic Panic
By DJ:  Ally W
Play Date:   Nov 30, 2023
Exit Order “Still Water” from Seed of Hysteria
Upchuck “Long Gone” from Bite the Hand That Feeds
Cro-Mags “World Peace” from The Age of Quarrel
Enumclaw “Lost and Found” from These Are Some B-Sides - Single
Jonah Yano “Glow Worms” from Portrait of a Dog
Earth Crisis “Firestorm” from Forever True (1991-2001)
Melvins “Going Blind” from Houdini
Black Sabbath “Megalomania” from Sabotage
High n' Heavy “Smell of Decay / Wings and Claw” from Warrior Queen
The Iron Roses “Screaming for a Change” from The Iron Roses
Sonic Youth “I Love You Golden Blue” from Sonic Nurse
WitchTrot “Hello Dimitri” from Hello Dimitri - Single
Grrrl Gang “Blue - Stained Lips” from Spunky!
hey, nothing “Low Spirited Funeral” from We're Starting to Look Like Each Other
Softcult “haunt you still” from Easy Life Records
Sufjan Stevens “A Running Start” from Javelin
quannnic “Defense” from Stepdream
THALA “twotwentytwo” from twotwentytwo - EP
Teenage Halloween “Armageddon Now” from Till You Return
Lowertown “Obscurity” from Skin of My Teeth - EP
See Jazz “1982” from Is This Anything?
Empty Country “Pearl” from Empty Country II