Ally W

Ally Wilke
Show Hours: 
Wednesday 7-9AM

Hi there!! My name is Ally. My major is Biomedical Labatory Science and I love to paint and go on nature walks! My favorite bands are Alice In Chains, Exit Order, and Black Sabbath!! I have two cats that are my babies ! :) 

Most Recent Playlist

Playlist Title:  Manic Panic
By DJ:  Ally W
Play Date:   May 01, 2024
T.S.O.L. “Red Shadows” from Change Today?
Mindforce “Excalibur” from Excalibur
Soilent Green “Build Fear” from Sewn Mouth Secrets / A String of Lies
Unsane “Committed” from Occupational Hazard
Dr. Know “Watch It Burn” from Nardcore Hardcore
Slayer “Evil Has No Boundaries” from Show No Mercy
Motorhead “Overkill” from Overkill
Jucifer “Code Escovedo” from Calling All Cars On the Vegas Strip
GOJIRA “The Heaviest Matter of the Universe” from From Mars to Sirius
Proelium “Deranged” from Slipped Under EP
DRAIN “Feel the Pressure” from California Cursed
Narrow Head “Flesh & Solitude” from Moments of Clarity
Spiral XP “Free Thinking” from It's Been a While - EP
Sweat “Bad Taste” from Love Child
Kharma “Envious” from A World Of Our Own
Flung “Lilac” from All Heartbeat
Joyer “Softer Skin” from na
Drahla “Default Parody” from angeltape
Gustaf “Close” from Package, Pt. 2
Sheer Mag “All Lined Up” from Playing Favorites
Cuffed Up “Small Fry” from All You Got
Force Model “Hangnail” from Found Camera
VIAL “Apathy” from Burnout
Been Stellar “sweet/passing judgement” from Dirty Hit
Corridor “Phase IV” from Mimi
Kindsight “Eyelids” from No Shame No Fame
NOFX “The Humblest Man in the World” from Half Album - EP
Ekko Astral “On Brand” from Pink Balloons