Adriano F

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Thursday 10pm-12am
General Programming

Hey! I'm Adriano straight from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Looking forward to playing everything from Folk to Psychedelic Rock to Jazz and Bossa Nova! I am a PHD student in Ocean Engineering and I enjoy playing the saxophone and terrorizing my neighbors with my harmonica. Keeping it cool fresh and deep. Chill vibes only, respectfully...

Most Recent Playlist

Playlist Title:  Adriano F
By DJ:  Adriano F
Play Date:   May 05, 2022
Pip Blom “Keep It Together” from Welcome Break
Snail Mail “Pristine” from Lush
The Greeting Committee “Pull It Together” from This Is It
Beach Bunny “Oxygen” from Emotional Creature
Harsh Armadillo “Banana Bass” from Thayer It Is
Sammy Rae & The Friends “Talk It Up” from The Good Life - EP
Lake Street Dive “Good Kisser” from Free Yourself Up
Depresión Post-Mortem “Yo Voy (Post-Punk Version)” from Yo Voy (Post-Punk Version) - Single
Heart To Gold “Tigers Jaw” from Tom
dog lips “Everyday It Creeps” from Dog Lips
Surf Curse “Disco” from Disco - Single
Skeggs “Valhalla” from Skeggs
Frights “afraid of the dark” from 1
Babe Rainbow “Johny Says Stay Cool” from Johny Says Stay Cool - Single
Gopher “fading” from Escape - Single
Marietta “Yeah Yeah Utah” from Couples Therapy - EP
Naked Giants “Sluff” from Sluff
Corn on My Dinner Plate “Arizona” from Arizona - Single
Feed Me Jack “Until Then” from Chumpfrey
Lowercase Numbers “Sexting Under the Stars” from No Songs About Girls - Single
Together Pangea “Friend of Nothing” from Bulls and Roosters