Abbie W

abbie weck
Show Hours: 
Monday 4pm-6pm

I'm a communications major with a business minor, and I'm lucky to be the WUNH General Manager. I host Radio Noise, a shoegaze/dreampop/post punk/overall loud and noisey show, but I love all music! I'm working on my drum skills right now, and I love to cross stitch (yea like your grandma does) and collect Junji Ito books. Tune in to my show to listen to some fun tunes, and more often than not, my friends are on my show too! They're very fun to chat with :)

Most Recent Playlist

Playlist Title:  my favoritesssss
By DJ:  Abbie W
Play Date:   Apr 22, 2024
Slow Pulp “New Media” from Big Day - EP
Nothing “Zero Day” from Dance on the Blacktop
feeble little horse “Freak” from Girl with Fish
Dinosaur Jr. “The Lung” from You're Living All Over Me
Ovlov “Cheer Up, Chihiro!” from Buds
Fleeting Joys “Kiss a Girl in Black” from Kiss a Girl in Black - Single
Loop “Straight to Your Heart” from Heaven's End (Remastered)
Fleshwater “Enjoy” from We're Not Here to Be Loved
They Are Gutting a Body of Water “Kmart Amen Break” from S
Sledges “Disgusting” from Disgusting - Single
Slug “Face Down” from Swingers
Julie “daisy pusher” from pushing daisies - EP
My Dead Girlfriend “My Piggish Girl Died Miserably” from ixtab - EP
Pressure Heaven “Spiral” from Spiral - Single
Pretty Sick “Bound” from Makes Me Sick Makes Me Smile
Joyer “Silver Moon” from Silver Moon - Single
Wisp “Your face” from Your face - Single
Futureheaven “Coldgaze” from Colourwaves - Single
Gnod “Bodies for Money” from Just Say No to the Psycho Right-Wing Capitalist Fascist Industrial Death Machine
Drop Nineteens “Kick the Tragedy” from Delaware
Hello Mary “Sink In” from Hello Mary
Mult “Sleep” from Sleep - Single
RAAVI “no bodies” from no bodies - Single
Indigo De Souza “You Can Be Mean” from All of This Will End
Sweet Tooth “Turning Green” from Turning Green - Single
trauma ray “Nühevan” from Trauma Ray - EP
Cusp “Win” from You Can Do It All
Tanukichan “Huned Bandz” from Sundays