About UNH Works

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UNH Works is a grassroots campaign dedicated to keeping UNH affordable and growing the Granite State’s economy. Advocates include UNH students, parents, alumni, friends of UNH, and New Hampshire business leaders who want to keep higher education accessible to all.


The UNH Works advocacy program is dedicated to organizing, informing, and mobilizing UNH students, parents, alumni, faculty, staff, and friends in support of the University’s government relations and state engagement efforts.  


Universal recognition among New Hampshire residents and policymakers of the educational, economic, and cultural benefits derived from the state’s flagship public research university, and the subsequent and sustained appropriation of increased public resources to support this work and increase educational opportunity for New Hampshire students.


UNH Works is allied with similar advocacy programs at each of the University System of New Hampshire’s three other campuses, and we work together in support of a system-wide government relations agenda. On our campuses, we work across departments to support university initiatives and collaborate on how best to advocate for a stronger UNH. In the community, we partner with businesses, nonprofits, think tanks, educational institutions and other organizations to advance a shared goal of a strong, active, and affordable system of public higher education.

UNH Works is a resource for advocates, residents, and policymakers for factual information about the University of New Hampshire – including our programs, services and specialties – and the political, cultural, and historical opportunities and threats facing our institution as well as public higher education in New Hampshire and nationally.

We aggressively seek opportunities to demonstrate UNH’s positive impact on New Hampshire and the return on investment of state support by consistently disseminating information about our programs, outcomes, and business practices, working to correct false or misleading information that inaccurately portrays the university to the public, and connecting our resources to policymakers and state, community and business leaders interested in collaborating.

UNH Works staff, advocates and partners conduct our advocacy work without regard for political party, and seek to build strong relationships with elected officials and staff of both parties in order to advance the cause of public higher education.  UNH Works does not endorse candidates for office but may share information about candidates’ voting records or responses to questions about higher education issues and funding.

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More than 3,000 Granite Staters have signed up as UNH Advocates, join the grassroots effort and stand up for public higher education.

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We would love to hear your feedback about the UNH Works cause and what your thoughts are on how we can better achieve our goal! Or, if you have a story about how UNH has positively impacted your family, or what more affordable education would mean for you, let us know. Feel free to send us a message over social media (@UNHWorks), call us directly at 603-862-6000, or send us an email.