Next Steps

Accepted and Attending UNH? 

Once you have been accepted to the univeristy and have applied for your education benefits, use this checklist as a helpful guide to get you ready for the start of the semester!

  • Apply for Housing

If you would like to live on campus, you'll want to apply right away.  The UNH Housing website and has great information about residential life, on-campus apartments, as well as summer housing. 

Special Note: All housing fees must be paid by the deadlines stated by UNH Housing. 


  • Schedule a Meeting with an Academic Advisor 

Meeting with an academic advisor early in the course scheduling process can save you a lot of time, energy, and mistakes. If you happen to still be on active duty when it is time to register for courses, there may be an opportunity to set up a phone appointment for you to speak with your Advisor.  Advisors can help you plan a manageable course load that meets your specific academic needs. They can also assist you in ensuring that all the courses for which you will request GI Bill funding apply to your degree plan. This is a Veterans Affairs requirement in order to receive benefits.


  •  Attend a University Orientation 

Orientation is a great opportunity for you to become familiar with the campus and to meet faculty, staff, and fellow students.  UNH offers Orientation for first year students as well as transfer students.  Please check out the Orientation Sessions to see if there is a session you may want to attend.

Veteran Only Orientation

MVS offers a Veteran only Orientation known as VETConnect. As an incoming student, you will receive an invitation to participate in this program. 


  •  Learn more about the Academic & Campus Resources

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