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Green Zone Program 

Presented by Denny Byrne (staff member & Navy Vet) as well as one of our student veteran volunteers, MVS offers 'Green Zone' presentations to UNH departments, offices, classes, and the community as an introduction to the student veteran population on campus. The sixty minute presentation on Veterans provides information on the Military & Veteran Services office, keys for success on campus, terms commonly used (speak the language), State and UNH demographics, strengths and weaknesses, TBI's & PTSD, unique skills and traits veterans bring to campus, how to communicate with a veterans, and how YOU can help in the success of the student veteran. If time permits, case studies are available as well as time for a Q&A. 

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Request a Green Zone Training 

After participating in a Green Zone training, you are considered a Green Zone Volunteer/Graduate . Graduates can continue the conversation and schedule another meeting to answer any additional questions and discuss strategies on how to support student veterans on campus. 

Graduates of the Green Zone Program

  • Counseling Center (X2)
  • Health Services
  • Business Services
  • History Department
  • MUB Staff 
  • TA's of the English Department 
  • Faculty of the Social Work Department 
  • Graduate Admissions Staff of Paul College 
  • Members of the OS Council 
  • UNH Admissions Staff

Upcoming Presentations

  • UNH IT Staff 
  • UNH Library Staff


Helpful Tips from Military & Veteran Services

If you are a new employee of UNH or would like to learn more on how to support our student veterans & service members on campus, please review our handout for helpful information and resources. 



Kognito-Veterans on Campus 

In an effort to improve the lives of our student veterans, UNH has purchased the Kognito, Veterans on Campus Peer Program. Using funds from the Garrett Lee Smith federal suicide prevention grant, this program allows UNH students, faculty, and staff the opportunity to learn on how to best serve and support student veterans . The program can be found at the UNH Counseling Center website