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Green Zone Program 

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As part of a Veteran-friendly institution of higher education, the Military & Veteran Services Office is pleased to offer "Green Zone" Trainings to UNH departments, offices, classes, and the community as an introduction to the student Veteran population on campus.

Presented by an MVS staff member as well as one of our student Veteran volunteers, the sixty minute presentation on Veterans provides information on:

  • The Mission, Vision, and Values of the UNH MVS Office
  • Federally established Keys for Success on for student Veterans on campus
  • How to communicate with student Veterans
  • Demographics on Veteran population in NH broadly and at UNH specifically
  • Common challenges faced by student Veterans
  • Unique perspective and skills student Veterans bring to the classroom

We then examine case studies as a group and discuss how the department receiving the training can better interact with this exceptional componant of the Wildcat student body.  



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Kognito-Veterans on Campus 

In an effort to improve the lives of our student veterans, UNH has purchased the Kognito, Veterans on Campus Peer Program. Using funds from the Garrett Lee Smith federal suicide prevention grant, this program allows UNH students, faculty, and staff the opportunity to learn on how to best serve and support student veterans . The program can be found at the UNH Counseling Center website