Murkland Hall: Richards Auditorium

Richards Auditorium in Murkland Hall is a state of the art presentation room. The facility is air-conditioned, seats 239, and is an excellent venue for small theater productions and all special events. The acoustics are second to none. Renovated to its original architectural grandeur in 2003, the auditorium features a fully integrated lighting dimming system, AV projectors and projections screens, and window shading system. A complete sound system is available for the stage, podium, and auditorium. More info:

UNH Murkland Hall: Richard's Auditorium

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Other Auditoriums On Campus

The University also has many other auditoriums. Horton Social Science Center's Auditorium, Spaulding Hall's Auditorium, and the Iddles Auditoriums in Parsons Hall. All are equipped with state-of-the-art presentation and technology capabilities and can be utilized for overflow audience viewing or lecture style meetings. The Iddles Auditoriums served as overflow audience viewing for a national presidential debate.

UNH Murkland Hall: Richard's Auditorium

Services Available

(includes additional fees)

  • LCD projector
  • Overheand projector
  • Slide projector
  • Projector screen
  • DVD player
  • VCR player
  • G4 Power Mac Laptop
  • Pentium III Dell Laptop
  • Laptop connector with sound and
  • network


The University can provide comprehensive technology service and support, including Ethernet, wireless and wired communication, video-conferencing, telephone, and more.

Richards Auditorium Specifications

Square footage:
• 2,362 seating area
• 245 stage
Stage dimensions: 245
• 26’8” x 12’
Capacity: 239
Rental fee: $80

Other Auditoriums

Horton Social Science Center
Room 4
Square Footage: 2956
Dimensions: 78’ x 37’3”
Capacity: 263
Spaulding Life Sciences Hall 
Room 120
Square Footage: 2622
Dimensions: 53’8”x 49’
Capacity: 270
Iddles Auditorium
Room L101
Square Footage: 2085
Dimensions: 47’10”x 58’
Capacity: 220
Iddles Auditorium
Room L103
Square Footage: 1869
Dimensions: 41’6”x 58’
Capacity: 124