Research Poster Tutorial, Creating a Large Format Poster to Present Your Research

Research Poster Tutorial, Creating a Large Format Poster to Present Your Research - What to Do and What to Avoid (in PDF format)

© 2010 The University of New Hampshire. All Rights Reserved.  Created by Sherry Palmer 

The tutorial consists of 10 chapters. The first three chapters orient first time users: An Overview (emphasizing the power of the visual), Getting Started (emphasizing the groundwork needed before beginning the poster, to make the process more efficient), and Setting Up the Slide (sizing a PowerPoint slide as a poster).  The next five chapters are subject-specific: Text, Images, Graphs, Tables, and Backgrounds. The last two chapters are Little Screen-Big Poster (ways to maneuver on a small screen to create a large-format poster) and The Small Stuff (information about references, acknowledgements, and contact information).

As UNH faculty, staff and students, you have permission to use this Poster Tutorial for personal use. You do not have permission to make copies or distribute this Poster Tutorial without written consent from the University of New Hampshire's Office for Research Partnerships and Commercialization. The tutorial may not be shared with individuals outside of UNH. However, anyone outside of UNH interested in the tutorial can contact Tim Willis to purchase a copy.

Note:  The tutorial is not available at this time.  We are working to make it accessible to UNH users soon.

Instructions to access the tutorial:
1)      Log on to My UNH,  Blackboard
2)      Click top tab “Orgs & Depts”
3)      Type in the Organization Search field: ORPC
4)      Click arrow in search results by orpc to “Enroll”
5)      Next screen, click “Submit” to confirm self-enrollment
6)      Now, under “My Organizations,” you will see ORPC listed
7)      Click to locate “Poster Tutorial” in upper left blue menu box (first item)
8)      Next screen, click the words Poster Tutorial to view a list of the chapters 1-10.