2013 Awards of Excellence

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Faculty Adviser

Title of Presentation

Parents Association Undergraduate Research Symposium, April 26, 2013

Maria Aiello, Senior
Sidney Bennett, Grad Student
Cameron Cunningham, Senior

Sociology and Justice Studies
Justice Studies
Victoria Banyard Survivors' Voices on Prevention 
Lauren Banker, Senior Anthropology and Women's Studies Svetlana Peshkova Mi Método, Mi Elección: A Comparative Look at Birth Control Access in Chile and the United States of America 
Neil Baroody, Senior Kinesiology Tim Quinn

The Effect of a Barefoot Running Training Program on Running Economy and Performance

Casey Benner, Sophomore
Nadine Maliakkal, Sophomore
Shannon Zimmerman, Sophomore
Psychology and Justice Studies
Ellen Cohn When Does Rule Violating Behavior Affect Peer Delinquency? Differences Between Middle School and High School Boys and Girls
Hilary Bird, Senior Senior Lawrence Prelli

A Dramatistic Approach to Understanding the Rhetorical Influence of Taxi Driver

Andrew Blake, Senior
Elizabeth Hebert, Senior

Neuroscience and Behavior Robert Mair Memory-Coding Properties of Prefrontal Cortical Neurons in the Rat

Catherine Bousquet, Senior

Psychology Ellen Cohn All Stressed Out; The Effects of Stress, Depression and Self-Control on Adolescent Delinquency
Christopher Brown, Senior English Literature Sandhya Shetty Signifying Slowly: Defamiliarization and Interrupting Tempo in Amit Chadhuri's, A Strange and Sublime Address
Allison Casey, Senior Economics and International Affairs Karen Conway The Effect of Affluence on Low-Income Student Test Scores
Joseph Cenney, Senior Political Science Lawrence Reardon Macau: The New World Leader in Gambling
Jonathan Constable, Junior English Teaching Monica Chiu Family Matters: History and Heritage in Graphic Form
Melissa Copeland, Junior Psychology and Women's Studies Victoria Banyard The Impact of Sexual Violence on Women's Transition to College
Sarah Dobush, Senior Psychology Edward Lemay Anger Proneness, Hostility, and Commitment in Intimate Relationships
Kayla Doyle, Senior


Kevin Healy

Religion, Spirituality, and So You Think You Can Dance
Evelyn French, Junior Anthropology Eleanor Harrison-Buck Maya Calendar and the End of the World
Elizabeth Griffith, Senior Communication and Women's Studies Joelle Ryan Interning at the President’s Commission on the Status of Women
Casey Hagelin, Senior International Affairs and Spanish Mary Wallace

Costa Rica: An Emigration Anomaly

Casey Hagelin, Senior International Affairs and Spanish John Chaston

To Be or Not To Be: An Analysis of the Spanish Verb ‘to be’ with Adjectives  

Daniel Hagenbuch, Senior Spanish and Biology John Chaston The Ultimate Spanish Review and Practice: Mastering Spanish Grammar for Confident.... or Maybe Just Okay Communication

Nathaniel Hathorn, Senior

Political Science Lawrence Reardon The Raging Dragon: Exports, FDI, and China's Electronic Sector
Curtis Hines, Junior English Monica Chiu Form and Function in Layman and Guillory's Chew
Katherine Juster, Junior English and Theatre Monica Chiu Comedy in War Film
Alexander Lamothe, Senior Family Studies and International Affairs Erin Sharp Renewing promise: An Analysis of the Effects of Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports in New Hampshire High Schools 
Anna Lornitzo, Senior Anthropology Svetlana Peshkova The Tyranny of American Capitalism and a Western Tradition of Justice

Patrick Marvin, Senior

Political Science and Justice Studies Lionel Ingram Possible Outcomes of the Current Situation in Egypt

Christie Mastriano, Senior
Leah Tully, Junior

Nutrition Jesse Morrell

Multivitamin/Mineral Usage, Body Mass Index, and Exercise Among College Students

Molly McCahan, Senior Ecogastronomy and Music Theory Burt Feintuch Permaculture: Principles, Beliefs, and Values
Jenna McCarthy, Senior Nursing Gene Harkless The Relationship Between Psychosocial Challenges and Pediatric Voiding Dysfunction
Caitlin McCarthy, Junior Biomedical Science David Townson Characterization of Cellular FLICE Inhibitory Protein (c-FLIP) in Cells of Human Cervical Cancer

Patrick McManus, Senior

Political Science

Stacy VanDeveer

Implementation of Renewable Energy in Developing Countries
Brian McConnell, Senior Brendan Nichols, Junior Chemical Engineering Ihab Farag Kinetics of the Lipid Extraction From Microalgae
Amanda Mead, Senior
Rebeka Walker, Sophomore

Katie Edwards

The Thin Ideal: Media and How it Relates to Body Dissatisfaction and Disordered Eating Behaviors in College Women
Hilary Miller, Senior Chemistry and Spanish John Chaston Spanish Mood Selection: Probablemente Subjunctive, Posiblemente Indicative
Brian O'Connor, Senior Political Science Lawrence Reardon Chinese Economic and Political Control of Tibet
Olivia O'Hara, Senior Health Management and Policy Robert McGrath Assessing the Value of Program Relationships with Alumni
Danielle Olean, Senior International Affairs and Communication Sheila McNamee Because I Said So: Constructing Identities in Argentina's Dirty War
Tegan O'Neill, Junior Political Science Lawrence Reardon ASEAN and the East Asian Countries
Alexander Parkes, Senior Political Science Susan Siggelakis Ethnicity and Hungary
Jillian Price, Senior Anthropology and History Meghan Howey Archaeology of Preparedness: Excavating UNH's World War I Training Camp
Alli Puchlopek, Senior Sociology Rebecca Glauber Rape Myth Acceptance and Bystander Attitudes on Campus: Understanding Students' Perceptions of Sexual Assault
Elizabeth Resnick, Senior Political Science Mary Malone The Washington Consensus: Neoliberalism in Chile, Argentina, and Brazil
Dana Roach, Junior English Siobhan Senier Occupy Wikipedia, Part I: Increasing Female Authorship and Representation
Alexander Rocke Biomedical Science Thomas Pistole Investigation of Hospital Mortality Through Data Mining  
Andrew Schafer, Junior Political Science and International Affairs Lawrence Reardon The Failure of Economic Sanctions on Preventing the Continuation of North Korea’s Nuclear Program
Trisha Schuman, Senior International Affairs and Linguistics Molly Wallace

Indigenismo: Lexical Borrowings into Peruvian Spanish

Ashley Silva, Senior Nursing Gene Harkless

Caregiving for Childhood Illness in Dominican Republic Bateys

Charlotte Slate, Junior Kinesiology Dain LaRoche High Body Weight Influences Functional Mobility in Older Adults
Sawyer Theriault, Senior English Reginald Wilburn Reality and Misperception of Self-Value: August Wilson's Use of Dramatic Plot Structure
Sawyer Theriault, Senior English Brigitte Bailey From Thoreau to Muir: The Birth and Progress of American Environmental Thought
Zachary Towle, Senior Political Science and Justice Studies Lionel Ingram

The United States of Empire?

Leah Tully, Junior
Christie Mastriano, Senior
Nutrition Gene Harkless

Multivitamin/Mineral Usage, MyPlate Adherence and Diet Quality Among College Students

Zachary Turgeon, Junior English, Philosophy and Political Science Sandhya Shetty

MEND and MOSOP: Civil Conflict in the Niger Delta

Emily Varnese, Junior Communication Jessica Robles Sex and Morality, and Its Implications for College
Stephanie Weiner, Senior Political Science and International Affairs Molly Wallace Nonviolence and Democratic Process: Transition in Post-Junta Argentina
Brittany Zorn, Senior Women's Studies and Psychology Reginald Wilburn

Cultivating an Entrepreneurial Spirit of Discovery: An Examination of the Development of Critical Thinking, Reading and Writing Skills in University Students

Ethnic Studies Awards for "Scholarly Innovations and Risk Taking"
Thomas Lusted, Junior English/Journalism Siobhan Senier Bringing Native Musicians Online
Amanda Weissgerber, Senior English Siobhan Senier Trace DeMeyer: Indigenous Online Journalist/Publisher/Memoirist
Phi Betta Kappa Research URC Award
Tegan O'Neill, Junior Political Science Alynna Lyon Regional Political Integration in Southeast Asia and Natural Disasters
Center for International Education URC Awards
Michelle Chase, Senior International Affairs and Biology Molly Wallace All for a Bowl of Soup: A Study of the Illegal Shark Fin Trade in Costa Rica
Robyn Keriazes, Senior Internation Affairs and English/Journalism Molly Wallace Serious Leisure: The Impact of Tourism on Indigenous Communities of Peru
Nolan Russell, Senior International Affairs and German Molly Wallace Liberte, Egalite and Fraternite: French Identity and the Construction of National History
UNH-Manchester URC Oral Presentation Award Winner
Olivia Marchioni, Freshman Business John Resch Teenagers: 1950's
UNH-Manchester URC Humanities and Social Science Posters Award Winner
Thomas Rhoades, Freshman History John Cerullo The Irish Troubles
UNH-Manchester URC Engineering Technology Senior Project Award Winner
Steve Vautour, Senior Mechanical Engineering Technology Paul Ricketts

Velcro USA Napping System

UNH-Manchester URC Communication Arts Award Winner
Matthew Gillespie, Senior Communication Arts Anthony Tenczar Little Red Heart
UNH-Manchester URC Science and Technology Posters Award Winner
Ryan Gardner, Senior Biological Sciences Stephen Pugh Analysis of Bear Pond
UNH-Manchester URC Biological Sciences Award Winner
Stephen Gibson, Senior
Scott Webster, Junior
Biological Sciences Patricia Halpin The Killer That Doesn't Kill: HIV on the Immune System
Thompson School of Applied Sciences - Community Leadership Program
Nicholas Lanzer, Freshman Forest Technology Michael Simmons

The Effect of Crown Thinning on Residual Stand Growth: a Dendroecological Approach

Interdisciplinary Science and Engineering Symposium
Nathan Alix, Senior Electrical Engineering Michael Carter RFID Fish
Zachary Angelini, Junior
Alyson Packher, Junior
Environmental Engineering James Malley Oxidation and Biofiltration to Remove Low Levels of Pharmaceuticals and Personal Care Products From Water Supplies

Brittany Artale, Junior

Chemical Engineering Adam St. Jean Adhesion of Rolling Cancer Cells to E-Selectin Along the Interior of a Microchanne
Joshua Chabot, Senior
Michael Johnson, Senior
Joseph Kelley, Senior
Mechanical Engineering May-Win Thein

NASA Magnetospheric MultiScale (MMS) Mission TableSat 1C

Giorgio Chikhradze, Senior
Ian Dorsey, Senior
Joseph Miller, Senior
Information Technology Scott Kitterman Pv6 to IPv4 Translation
Stephen Eustis, Senior
Americo Santamaria, Senior
Benjamin Sawyer, Senior
Michael Spencer, Senior
Civil Engineering Raymond Cook UNH A-Lot Parking Garage
Kelsey Packard, Senior Geology Joel Johnson Reconstructing the History of Natural and Anthropogenic Sediment Inputs Behind the Former Head-of-tide Dam in the Bellamy River, Dover, NH
Samantha Sinclair, Senior Computer Science

Mechanical Engineering

May-Win Thein UNH Underwater Remotely Operated Vehicle
Jeremiah van Baren Physics Karsten Pohl

Investigation of Pentacene Derivatives on Au(788) by Auger Electron Spectroscopy