2012 Awards of Excellence

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Faculty Adviser

Title of Presentation

Parents Association Undergraduate Research Symposium, April 27, 2012

Madeline Bishop, Senior International Affairs and Anthropology Mary Wallace Climate Change, Cosmology, and Cultural Resilience: An Andean Case Study
Andrew Cardello, Senior Management Mark Hungerford ExxonMobil Natural Gas Commercial
Rachel Carter, Junior
Matthew Laurion, Junior
English Cord Whitaker Dramatic Innovations: Original Dramas Inspired by Medieval Literature (Lords & Ladies)
Bradley Chamberlain, Senior Biochemistry, Molecular and Cellular Biology Paul Tsang Are Matrix Metalloproteinases (MMPs) Present in Skeletal Muscle of the Spiny Dogfish Shark, Squalus acanthias?
Paige Clairmont, Senior Communication Danielle Pillet-Shore

Taboo Talk and Social Relationships

Matthew Cotton, Junior
Elora Demers, Junior
Kendall Milkey, Sophomore

Biochemistry, Molecular and Cellular Biology Estelle Hrabak A Screen to Identify Mutants with a Sodium-induced Root Skewing Phenotype

Jenna Dion, Senior

Women's Studies Faina Bukher Feminism in Action: Women's Studies Internships
Patricia Donahoe, Junior International Affairs and Political Science Lawrence Reardon Problem Revisited: Understanding China's Arms Export Policy
Margaret Donovan, Junior
Richard Madol, Junior

Biochemistry, Molecular and Cellular Biology

Semra Aytur, Kendra Kattleman, and Jesse Morrell A Correlative Study of Perceived Stress and Emotional Support with Weight Gain in College Students: Expanding the Young Adults Eating and Active for Health Project
Nicholas Dowhaniuk, Senior Geography Joel Hartter Monitoring Forest Loss and Population Growth in a Biodiversity Hotspot of Africa
Benjamin Duckless, Senior Biology David Townson Influence of Cytoskeletal Stress Filaments on Cell Death in Human Cervical Carcinoma
Natalie Fortier, Sophomore Outdoor Education Brent Bell Experiential Education Philosophy: The Role of Risk
Luke Franco, Senior Communication Mardi Kidwell Invitation as a Form of Play
Alyssa Freedman, Senior


John Chaston


Passive se and ser in Three Spanish Language Magazines: Usages and Styles Compared
Natalie Gatlin, Senior Occupational Therapy Lou Ann Griswold Evaluating the Effectiveness of a Goal-directed Intervention on the Social Interaction of Youth with Neurodevelopmental Disabilities
Emilie Hall, Senior International Affairs and Spanish John Chaston Student Usage of Prepositions: Considerations Far Beyond Por and Para
Emilie Hall, Senior International Affairs and Spanish Mary Wallace

Costa Rica: An Emigration Anomaly

David Houle, Senior International Affairs and Psychology Mary Wallace

Unemployment in Spain: Analyzing the Job Market for Youth and the General Population

Matthew Jones, Senior International Affairs and Communications Jennifer Borda Public Opinion Study: Should the United States Have a National Language

Colin Kelly, Senior

International Affairs and Business Administration Mary Wallace Revitalization: Breton Stages a Comeback
Rebecca Keyes, Senior Nursing Gene Harkless Helping Babies Breathe: Testing Its Implementation in Rural Uganda
Andrew Kitt, Senior Psychology William Stine Correlates of Local and Global Stereopsis
Julia Maldonado, Senior Communication Jennifer Borda Women and Hostile Work Environments: Representations of Sexual Harassment in North Country
Amelia Marden, Senior International Affairs and English Teaching Mary Wallace Educational Equality for Students of North African Immigrant Origin in France

Kelly Martin, Senior
Kevin New, Senior
Hollie Roma, Senior

Communication Jennifer Borda and Sheila McNamee Relational Processes in Education
Brian McConnell, Junior
Seth Tremblay, Junior
Chemical Engineering Ihab Faraq Floating Photobioreactors for Microalgae Growth
Patrick McManus, Junior Political Science Lawrence Reardon International Influence on China's Economic Reform
Chelsea Moyer, Senior International Affairs and Political Science Jeannie Sowers Social Movements and Political Change in Morocco
Halie Olszowy, Junior Sociology Catherine Moran The Idea of Necessity: Shopping Trends Among College Students
Brian O'Connor, Junior Political Science Lawrence Reardon Seeking Democracy Under Untenable Circumstances: The Case of Kurdistan
Katherine Pavone, Senior International Affairs and History Alynna Lyon International Justice?: The United States and the International Criminal Court
Tawny Saez, Senior International Affairs and Anthropology Mary Wallace Community-based Tourism in the Brazilian Amazon: Ana Case Study, Balancing Development and Conservation
Tawny Saez, Senior International Affairs and Anthropology Meghan Howey Analyzing How Tourism Shapes Cultural Systems Within Host Societies: A Community Case Study of Rural Tourism in the Amazon
Samantha Scarneo, Recent Graduate Kinesiology Summer Cook Physiological Effects of Acute Bouts of Aquatic and Land Based Sprinting
Laura Simard, Senior Spanish John Chaston Se Usage and Meaning in Laforet's El Aguinaldo
Sasha Thalheimer, Senior Anthropology Ronald LeBlanc Fiber Arts in the Early Soviet Period
Kelly Whittier, Senior International Affairs and Health Management and Policy Mary Wallace Aid Influx into Madagascar: The Damage of the U.S. Sanctions Effect
Stephanie Weiner, Junior International Affairs and Political Science Lawrence Reardon Malvinas Miscalculation: The Argentine Invasion Error
Lindsey Wright, Recent Graduate Sustainable Agriculture and Food Systems Richard Smith Do Forest Edges Mediate Community Invasibility in Pastures
Katherine Wooten, Junior Neuroscience and Behavior Robert Drugan Are Female Rats Prone to the Same Stress-induced Memory Deficits as Male Rats in a Visible Platform Task in the Morris Water Maze?
Ethnic Studies Awards for "Scholarly Innovations and Risk Taking"
Ana Caguiat, Senior English Siobhan Senier Indigenous New England: Why a Digital Archive?
Peter Kispert, Senior English Sandhya Shetty Communication and Tribal Culture in Mahasweta Devi's Pterodactyl
Elizabeth Barker, Junior English Teaching Sandhya Shetty A Nigerian Spring: How to Make the Niger Delta B(l)oom, Again
Jacob Browning, Senior English Cord Whitaker

The King of Tars and Dramatic Conversion Romance

Phi Betta Kappa Research URC Award
Maria Carasquillo, Sophomore Political Science Mary Malone Migrating South Instead of North:  Examining Immigration Trends in Central America
Center for International Education URC Awards
Eva Skewes, Senior International Affairs and History Mary Wallace Liberte, Egalite and Fraternite: French Identity and the Construction of National History
Emilie Hall, Senior International Affairs and Spanish Mary Wallace Costa Rica: An Emigration Anomaly
UNH-Manchester URC Poster Presentation Award Winner
Rebecca Mason, Senior Biological Sciences Charles Walker

The Role of HAUSP in the Mitochondrial Non-transcriptional p53 Apoptotic Pathway of IMR-32 Human Neuroblastoma Cancer Cells

UNH-Manchester URC Oral Presentation Award Winner
Ryan Haggerty, Junior History John Resch The Corrupt Bargain: The Election of 1824 and Aftermath
UNH-Manchester URC Cinema Arts Award Winner
Brian Burke, Senior Communication Anthony Tenczar A Man's World
Christopher Spencer, Senior Communication Anthony Tenczar Just do it.
UNH-Manchester URC Engineering Technology Senior Project Award Winner
Karen Ibey, Senior Electrical Engineering Technology David Forest Automated Functional Testing at Philips Teletrol Systems, Inc.
Thompson School of Applied Sciences - Community Leadership Program
Leah Burke, Freshman Community Leadership Kate Hanson Nonprofit Research: Tamworth Community Nurse Association
Fiona Gettinger, Freshman Environmental Conservation Studies Kate Hanson Nonprofit Research: Cocheco Valley Humane Society
Kelsey Hammond, Sophomore Community Leadership Kate Hanson Nonprofit Research: G.A.L.A. Community
Danielle Zamarchi, Sophomore Sustainable Agriculture and Food Systems Kate Hanson Nonprofit Research: Seacoast Local
Interdisciplinary Science and Engineering Symposium
Jacqueline Amante, Senior Environmental Sciences Ruth Varner

Quantifying Methane Ebullitive Flux from Subarctic Ecosystems

Andrea Bedell, Senior Physics James Ryan Analysis of Scintillator Characteristics to Improve Detection of Illicit Radioactive Sources

Christopher Blais, Freshman
Robert Carroll, Graduate
Logan Mower, Sophomore
Jenny Nichols, Senior
Brian Zukas, Senior

Chemical Engineering Nivedita Gupta Microcapsule and Droplet Dynamics in Channels
Alexandra Bowen, Senior
Megan Good, Senior
Environmental Engineering James Malley The Effective Removals of Pharmaceuticals by Direct/Advanced UV Photolysis
Jeffrey Brulet, Senior Chemistry Richard Johnson Studies on Thermal and Carbocationic Rearrangements Through Isotopic Labeling
Shawn Bryan, Senior
Joshua Clairmont, Senior
Electrical and Computer Engineering
Computer Science
Andrew Kun Tangible User Interfaces for Multi-touch Surfaces

William Devore, Senior
Travis Michaud, Senior
Nicholas Radcliffe, Senior
Wescott Smith, Senior
Ryan Stackpole, Senior

Civil Engineering Ronald Pease Reservoir Pond Dan Reconstruction

Michael LeVeille, Senior
Raymond Jones, Senior
Matthew Mazola, Senior
Matthew Normandeau, Senior
Khanh Nguyen, Senior
Thomas Provencher, Senior
Alexandra Washakowski, Senior

Computer Science

Mechanical Engineering

May-Win Thein UNH Underwater Remotely Operated Vehicle
Laurent Officer, Senior Earth Sciences Oceanography Linda Kalnejais Seasonal Variation of Benthic Nutrient Fluxes in the Great Bay
Justin Woodman, Senior Electrical and Computer Engineering W.T. Miller Room Mapping Robot