URC 2006 Faculty Mentors

College of Engineering and Physical Sciences (CEPS)

Ken Baldwin Mechanical Engineering
Radim Bartos Computer Science
Erin S. Bell Civil Engineering
Julia Bryce Earth Sciences
Michael Carter Electrical and Computer Engineering
Kent Chamberlin Electrical and Computer Engineering
N. Dennis Chasteen Chemistry
Jo Daniel Civil Engineering
John Dudek Chemistry
Ihab Farag Chemical Engineering
Barry K. Fussell Mechanical Engineering
Kevin Gardner Environmental Research
Charles Goodspeed Civil Engineering
Phil Hatcher Computer Science
Alejo Hausner Computer Science
Bill Hersman Physics
Frank Hludik Electrical and Computer Engineering
Brad Kinsey Mechanical Engineering
L. Gordon Kraft Electrical and 
Computer Engineering
Andrew Kun Electrical and Computer Engineering
Howard Mayne Chemistry
Jeffrey Melton Civil Engineering
Glen Miller Chemistry
Andrzej Rucinski Electrical and Computer Engineering
Gerald Sedor Mechanical Engineering
Donald Sundberg Materials Science Program
May-Win Thein Mechanical Engineering
David W. Watt Mechanical Engineering
Gary Weisman Chemistry
Edward Wong Chemistry
Charles Zercher Chemistry
Kuan Zhou Electrical and Computer Engineering

College of Engineering and Physical Sciences and 
Institute for the Study of Earth, Oceans, and Space

Robert Griffin Earth Sciences
Eberhard Moebius Physics
James Pringle Earth Sciences
James Ryan Physics
Charles Smith Physics
Cameron Wake Earth Sciences

College of Liberal Arts

Victoria Banyard Psychology
Victor Benassi Psychology
Toni Bisconti Psychology
Jeff Bolster History
Andrew Boysen Music
John Carney Education
Andrew Christie Philosophy
Grant Cioffi Education
Ellen Cohn Psychology
Barbara Cooper Languages, Literature and Culture
Melissa Deem Communication
Mark DeTurk Music
Kurk Dorsey History
Robert Drugan Psychology
Jean Elson Sociology
Carmen Garcia de la Rasilla Languages, Literature and Culture
Molly Girard History
Rob Haskins Music
Susan Hatfield Music Education
David Hiley Philosophy
Beverly James Communication
David Kaye Theatre and Dance
Mardi Kidwell Communication
Chris Kies Music
Delia Konzett English
Douglas Lanier English
Michelle Leichtman Psychology
John Limber Psychology
Joe Lugalla Anthropology
Aya Matsuda English
Jill McGaughy Psychology
Paul McNamara Philosophy
Carolyn Mebert Psychology
Andrew Merton English
Lisa Miller English
Kathy Miriam Philosophy
Sean Moore English
Catherine Moran Sociology
Mary M. Moynihan Women’s Studies
Naomi Nagy English
Nicholas Orovich Music
Alexander Parsons English
David Pillemer Psychology
Sharyn Potter Sociology
Lawrence Reardon Political Science
Stephan Reyna Anthropology
David Richman Theatre and Dance
Lucy Salyer History
Jennifer Selwyn History
Sarah Sherman English
Susan Siggelakis Political Science
Harvard Sitkoff History
Nick Smith Philosophy
William Stine Psychology
Larry Veal Music
Sally Ward Sociology
David Watters English

College of Life Sciences and Agriculture

Jacqueline Aitkenhead-Peterson Natural Resources
Kimberly Babbitt Natural Resources
David Berlinsky Zoology
Karen Carleton Zoology
Vaughn Cooper Microbiology
Rick Cote Biochemistry Molecular Biology
Wayne Fagerberg Plant Biology
Paul Fisher Plant Biology
Serita Frey Natural Resources
John Halstead Resource Economics and Development
James Haney Zoology
Estelle Hrabak Plant Biology
Anita Klein Biochemistry Molecular Biology
Andrew Laudano Biochemistry Molecular Biology
Aaron Margolin Microbiology
Rakesh Minocha Plant Biology
Subhash Minocha Plant Biology
Doug Morris Resource Economics and Development
Peter Pekins Natural Resources
Thomas Pistole Microbiology
Deena Small Animal & Nutritional Sciences
Stacia Sower Biochemistry Molecular Biology
Anthony Tagliaferro Animal & Nutritional Sciences
William K. Thomas Hubbard Center for Genome Studies
Louis Tisa Microbiology
David Townson Animal & Nutritional Sciences
Paul Tsang Animal & Nutritional Sciences
Charles Walker Zoology
Winsor Watson Zoology
Cheryl Whistler Microbiology

College of Life Sciences and Agriculture 
and Institute for the Study of Earth, Oceans, and Space

George Hurtt Natural Resources
Barry Rock Natural Resources

Institute for the Study of Earth, Oceans, and Space

Michael Keller Complex Systems Research Center
Barkley Sive Climate Change Research Center

School of Health and Human Services

Lynette Ament Nursing
L. Rene Bergeron Social Work
Karen Collins Kinesiology
Elizabeth Crepeau Occupational Therapy
Pam DiNapoli Nursing
Janice Foust Nursing
Michael Fraas Communication Disorders
Gene Harkless Nursing
Robert Jolley Social Work
James Lewis Health Management & Policy
Robert McGrath Health Management & Policy
Shelley Mulligan Occupational Therapy
Raelene Shippee-Rice Nursing
Carol Williams-Barnard Nursing

Thompson School of Applied Science

Eugene Alibrio Restaurant Management
Tim Barretto Community Service and Leadership
Charles Caramihalis Restaurant Management
Matthew Chagnon Forest Technology
Andrew Conroy Animal Science
Rene Gingras Horticulture Technology
Kate Hanson Community Service and Leadership
John Hart Horticulture Technology
Guy Petty Civil Technology
Dana Sansom Horticulture Technology
Deborah Sugerman Community Service and Leadership

UNH Office of Community Service Partnerships

Marianne Fortescue  

Whittemore School of Business and Economics

Peter Masucci Marketing
Meera Venkatachalam Decision Sciences

UNH Manchester: Humanities Division

Deborah Brown English
John Cerullo History
Jack Resch History
Terry Savage Philosophy

UNH Manchester: Social Science Division

Gary Goldstein Psychology
Alison Paglia Psychology
Skip Tenczar Communication Arts
Jack McCarthy Business

UNH Manchester: Registered Nurses Baccalaureate Program

Susan Fetzer Nursing

Elizabeth City State University

Linda Hayden Mathematics and Computer Science
Cheryl Lewis Division of Academic Affairs

Southern New Hampshire University

Rosa Arriaga Psychology

University of Massachusetts Dartmouth

Janet Gardner English