Police Reports

Officers of the UNH Police Department file many kinds of reports.  If you are the subject of a report you are entitled to a copy of that report.  We only except report requests in writing; the UNH Police Department’s Request for Incident Report form is our preferred method to request a report.  However, you may submit your request in letter form as long as it contains at least your name, date of birth, phone number, type of report (i.e. Arrest, Incident, or Accident), date of occurrence, and an address to send the documents.     

Understand that the report will take at least 10 days to be completed. 

If you are a defendant in a case and you request an arrest report this information is considered discovery.  You will only be provided with discovery once. 

The UNH Police Department reserves the right to charge a fee for reports.  Currently, we charge a fee of $10 for an accident report.