******UPDATED 8/23/2019*****

Community Members,
As the university community prepares to begin a new academic year, it is time for student “move-in “days Friday, August 23rd through Sunday, August 25th.

You will find additional parking and transportation information below concerning Gables & Woodside’s apartments move-in on Saturday August 24th and returning students move-in on Sunday August 25th.  Please go to for move-in information.
Most of the campus core parking lots will be “CLOSED” for staging to support move-in operations. If you commute to campus on any of these days, please be aware of conditions that may impact travel and parking (and that could result in cars being towed if they are left in lots that are designated as “closed”). Please anticipate and be prepared for last-minute changes and additional directions from the UNH Police who will be supervising parking and traffic during move-in.
I apologize for any inconvenience that the move-in process might cause you. I greatly appreciate your continued efforts and support to welcome our students and their families to campus in true Wildcat fashion.
Chris Clement


Saturday “Gables and Woodside’s move-in” August 24, 2019

Q: My car is parked in A-lot from Friday night the 23rd into Saturday morning the 24th. Do I have to move my car for Gables Apartment Move-in?
A: Yes, Parking lots closed on August 24th midnight through 4pm: Lot A, Sage Way Visitor, Woodside and Gables lots will be reserved for the Apartments move-in operations. Vehicles parked in these lots after 5:00 am Saturday will be towed.


Q: Are other campus parking lots open?
A: Yes, All other campus parking lots are open


Q: Is there campus shuttle and bus service on Saturday the 24th?
A: No, there is no campus bus service on Saturday the 24th.


Q: I have a specific permit for on campus apartments not moving in on Friday the 23rd. Can I still park in my space?


A: Gables, Woodside, E-lot, E-1 lot and West Edge lot permit holders: Gables, Woodside, E-lot,

E-1 lot and West Edge Lot permit holders may park in their assigned lots. You can’t park in



Q: I don’t the campus well. Is there a map I can download?
A: Please go to for assistance with lot locations.


Sunday “Returning Students Move-In” August 25, 2019

Q: So, returning students move-in to their residence halls on Sunday August 25th. What parking lots are closed for ONLY returning students and their families to park?

A: Parking lots closed on August 25th  midnight through 4pm: A-lot, B-Lot, Campus Crossings Visitor Lot, D-lot, E-2 lot F-lot, H-lot, P-lot, Q-lot, U-Lot, Strafford Lot, Brook Way Lot (all sections), Edgewood Visitor Lot, Demeritt Circle lots, College Road Visitor Lot (Formerly Forest Park North), and Congreve Lot. Vehicles parked in closed lots after 4:00 am on Sunday morning August 25th will be towed.


Q: Well, if those lots are closed to for ONLY returning students and their families to park move-in. Where can I park?  

 A: Parking lots open: R-lot, G1-Lot, M-Lot, N-Lot, Mast Lot, Mathes Lot, Moiles Lot, Barton/Cole Lot, Field House East & West lots, T-Lot, Sage Way Visitor, Z-lot, Leavitt Lane, Grounds & Events lots, Colovos Road lots, Gregg Hall Lot, and any other remote parking areas west of the rail road tracks not listed as “closed”. Faculty/Staff permits will be honored at Gables & Woodside on Friday ONLY and Boulder Field may be available weather permitting.

Q: I have a specific permit for on campus apartments. Can I still park in my space?

A:  Yes, Gables, Woodside, E-lot, E-1 lot, and West Edge lot permit holders may park in their assigned lots.  You can’t park in E-2 lot.


Q: Do Hall Directors and Resident Assistants and Babcock Hall staff need to move their cars?
A: Yes, temporary relocation of residence life (HD’s) parking spaces using closed parking lots listed above must vacate between 11pm on Saturday, 8/24/19 through 4pm on Sunday, 8/25/19.

  • To accommodate these parking lot closures, Residence Life staff must park in Lot A 
  • Hall Directors in Hubbard, Christensen, and Williamsen Halls, and the Babcock Apartment Manager can park in in their assigned spaces.

Q: If I want to use the campus shuttle or bus, what is the schedule?

A: For Sunday bus service information go to:


For more information on parking and traffic patterns during school move-in weekend, please contact Chief Paul H Dean at or 862-1427.

Thank you for helping make this important campus weekend a success!