Hunting Permit

The natural and woodland properties of the University of New Hampshire are possessed for a multitude of uses; including hunting.

Hunting and trapping is allowed on specific properties after obtaining a permit through the UNH Police Department.  Hunting is allowed at:

Target shooting and hunting is NOT allowed at the UNH Gravel Pit on Garrity Rd in Lee, NH; College Woods and the Woodman Farm in Durham, NH.

Permission is granted on an annual basis from the date of issuance and covers the named applicant only; and expires with the applicant’s hunting license.  Additionally, the permit is not meant to replace any license or permit that is required by the NH Fish and Game Department.  Anyone not conducting himself/herself in a courteous, safe, and legal manner will be asked to exit from the University land and no future permits will be granted. 

Permits are acquired at the UNH Police station.  Required documents at the time of application are a state issued identification card and a valid NH hunting license.