Commencement Fair

unh students at commencement fair  unh students at commencement fair

UNH Commencement Fair

Check back for the 2019 Commencement Fair date!

What is the Commencement Fair?

The Commencement Fair is designed as a “one stop shopping” event where graduates can obtain all the information they need about the Commencement ceremony and life after graduation. Cap and Gown pick-up is also available at the fair along with other important services.

What Do I Need to Bring?

  • Money for your caps and gowns! Bring your student ID if you pre-ordered.
  • Your résumé and cover letter to have it reviewed by The UNH Career Center.
  • Your appetite! There will be free food!
  • Information about your student loans. Representatives from the Financial Aid Office can talk to you about loan repayment or applying for aid for graduate school.
  • Bring your questions about the big day. The Commencement Office will be available to answer them all!
  • Bring your friends!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is the Commencement Fair just for undergrads?


No, the Commencement Fair is for undergrads, grad students and Thompson School students. Students who aren't yet graduating may also find helpful resources and information and are welcome to attend.


2. Do I need to bring anything?


Yes. See the above list of things you should bring.


3. How long will it take?


We suggest you plan on spending an hour in order to take advantage of everything the Commencement Fair has to offer.


4. How much does a cap and gown cost?


Click here for cap and gown information.


5. Do I have to buy my cap and gown? Can’t I just rent it? 


UNH has negotiated a contract with the supplier that actually makes it less expensive for you to purchase your regalia rather than rent it.


6. What if I miss the Commencement Fair? Is that the only way to get my cap and gown?


No, you can pick up a cap and gown the week of Commencement at the Elliott Alumni Center or you can have your cap and gown mailed directly to you from University Cap and Gown. 

Click here for more information.


7. What if I don't plan to attend the Commencement ceremony and I don't need a cap and gown. Can I skip the Commencement Fair?


The Commencement Fair offers much more than an opportunity to get your cap and gown. There will be many other participating companies, departments, and resources available to assist you in preparing for the big day!


8. Do I have to go to the Commencement Fair?


No, but it will make your life easier. Attendance at the Commencement Fair is not required, but is highly recommended. All of the departments, organizations and resources that can provide you with information to help you prepare for graduation are together in one place.


9. My parents wanna know…


The Commencement Office will be available to answer all your questions and ease anxieties about the big day

2019 Exhibitors

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