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Orders and Pricing


At this time, all orders for cap and gown are only available for the ship to home option. Shipping is free. Please note, due to COVID-19, our cap and gown vendor is experiencing significant shipping delays and is working to process orders as quickly as they can. We appreciate your patience. Orders will arrive prior to the future ceremony (TBD).

Bachelor and Masters students purchase gowns because the negotiated buying price is less than the cost of renting. Pricing listed includes; gown, mortar board, tassel, and for Masters and Ph.D. gowns, the appropriate hood.

Associate and Bachelor: $17.00

Master: $33.40

CAGS Outfit: $40.00

Souvenir Doctor Outfit: $61.45

Authentic UNH Doctoral Regalia (Blue Gown/Black Velvet/Grey Piping & School Crests, Hood & Deluxe Tam): Authentic UNH: $443.00

Cash or check only, please. Checks should be made out to "University Cap and Gown".

Questions can be directed to University Cap and Gown at 978-686-4566.


Caps and Gowns (regalia) are required for all faculty and graduates participating in the Honors Convocation and Commencement ceremonies.

Gown styles differ for Bachelor, Masters and Ph.D. candidates. Associate degree candidates wear Bachelor gowns. All graduate gowns at UNH are black. Masters candidates have hoods with colors that correspond to academic degree. Ph.D. candidates wear a hood specific to UNH. The cap and gown vendor knows what is required and will provide you with the appropriate regalia.

Fabric and Green Grad Recycling Program

The caps and gowns provided by the University's vendor are made of UltraGreen, a medium weight, wrinkle-resistant fabric manufactured using recycled plastic bottles.

UNH also participates in the Green Grad program. At the conclusion of the Commencement ceremony, graduates will have the option to donate their gown to be cleaned and repackaged for reuse. Caps, tassels and hoods are yours to keep!


If you have questions or concerns about your order, or the ordering process, please contact University Cap and Gown, our independent vendor at 978-686-4566, or see them at any of the scheduled on-campus pick-up times.

Note: If you would like to recycle your cap and gown, you may bring it to the Elliott Alumni Center.

UNH Rings and Graduation Announcements

Information about UNH rings or graduation announcements available for purchase can be found here.

Cords and Stoles

Stoles are worn to denote academic honors only. Cords are worn to denote University honors, veteran status, and recognized student organizations.

If you are part of a recognized student organization interested in obtaining cords for the graduates in your group to wear at Commencement, please contact the Commencement Office at to determine available cord colors and for approval. Once approved, student organizations are responsible for coordinating the purchase and distribution of cords internally. Please note, silver and gray and yellow and gold are considered to be the same as different vendors name their colors differently. Yellow and silver have been used below to denote the unavailable options. Example, Black and Yellow is listed but black and gold is also unavailable.

Please note, the following cord colors have been previously registered by student organizations and are unavailable:
Aquamarine, White, and Gold | Aquamarine, White, and Green | Aquamarine, White, and Silver | Aquamarine and Lilac | Aquamarine and silver | Black and Yellow | Black and Silver | Black and White | Black and Purple | Black, Silver and Blue | Black, White and Red | Black, White, and Blue | Black, Silver and Maroon | Blue | Blue and Yellow| Blue and White | Blue and Black | Blue and Green | Blue, Green, and Gray | Blue and Orange | Blue and Pink | Blue, White and Silver | Blue, White and Yellow | Blue, Yellow and Red | Bronze | Brown, Light Blue, and Gold | Burnt Orange | Cyan and White | Light Blue | Light Blue and Blue | Light Blue and Dark Green | Light Blue and White | Light Blue and Red | Light Blue and Silver | Light Blue, Royal Blue, and White | Light Blue, Light Pink, and White | Light Blue, Orange, and Silver | Maroon | Maroon and Black | Maroon and White | Maroon and Yellow | Maroon, Yellow, and Black | Maroon, Red, and Silver | Maroon, Teal, and White | Royal Blue | Royal Blue and Black | Navy and Yellow | Navy Blue | Navy Blue and Purple | Navy Blue, Purple and White | Navy and Silver | Navy and Pink | Navy, Black and Yellow | Navy and Light Blue | Navy and White | Navy, Gray, and White | Navy, Green and Silver | Navy, Gold, and White | Navy, Orange, and Gray | Green | Green and White | Dark Green and Yellow | Dark Green and Navy | Kelly Green and Navy Blue | Kelly Green, Green, and Silver | Yellow | Yellow, Blue, and Silver | Yellow, Bronze, and Silver | Yellow, Navy and Maroon | Yellow, White and Light Blue | Orange | Orange and Black | Orange and Silver | Orange, Teal and Lilac | Pink | Burgundy | Purple | Purple, Kelly Green, and Gold | Purple and Yellow | Purple and Grey | Purple and Red | Purple and Navy Blue | Purple and White | Lavender/Light Purple | Lilac and White | Red | Red and White | Red, White and Silver | Red and Black | Red and Blue | Red and Silver | Red, White and Blue | Red, Orange, and Gold | Red and Yellow | Red, Royal Blue, and Yellow | Red, Silver, and Black | Rose | Salmon | Silver/Grey | Teal | Teal, Navy, and White | Teal and Silver | Teal and White | Teal and Black | Teal and Purple | Teal, Purple and Silver | Teal, Black and Silver | Teal, Orange, and Yellow | White | White and Yellow | Yellow | Yellow and Pink | Double Cord: Black and Red | Double Cord: Black and Silver, Red and White | Double Cord: Kelly Green and White | Double Cord: Kelly Green, Purple and Teal | Double Cord: Light Blue and Yellow | Double Cord: Pink and Yellow | Double Cord: Royal Blue, Orange, Silver, and Charcoal Gray

Students eligible for University Honors Program stoles and University Scholar and Presidential Scholar cords will receive them as a part of the Honors Convocation on May 15.

Graduating Veterans

Graduating veterans receive a special red, white and blue honor cord to be worn with their regalia at Commencement in recognition of their service to our country. Email for more information.