Expert List

Professor Christopher Bauer
Professor of Chemistry
Expertise: Chemistry, Science Education
Jean Benoit
Professor of Civil Engineering
Expertise: Landslides
Margaret Boettcher
Assistant Professor of Geophysics
Expertise: Earthquakes
Kent Chamberlin
Professor and Chair
Expertise: Electromagnetics
Dr. Raymond A. Cook
Associate Professor
Expertise: Bridge design, Structural engineering, STEM
Jo Sias Daniel
Professor of Civil & Environmental Engineering
Expertise: Materials science, Asphalt, Concrete, Roadways
Dr. Eshan Dave
Assistant Professor
Expertise: Pavement
Laura Dietz, assistant professor of computer science at UNH
Assistant Professor of Computer Science
Expertise: Computer Science, Web search, Analytics, Machine learning
John Gianforte
Director, UNH Observatory, Astronomy Instructor
Expertise: Astronomy
Arthur Greenberg
Professor of Chemistry
Expertise: Alchemy, Organic chemistry
Maurik Holtrop
Professor of Physics
Expertise: Nuclear physics, Particle physics
Jennifer Jacobs
Professor of Civil Engineering, Director of Environmental Research Group
Expertise: Climate change, Global warming, Hurricanes, Snow, Rain, Flooding, Nor'easter
Nancy Kinner
Professor, Co-Director of Coastal Response Research Center
Expertise: Oil spills
Glen Miller
Professor and Chair
Expertise: Coffee, Materials science, Nanotechnology
Head shot of UNH Associate Professor Paula Mouser
Associate Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering
Expertise: Fracking, Microbiology, Water quality
Cameron Wake
Research professor in climatology and glaciology
Expertise: Climate change, Flooding, Sustainability, Community preparedness
Ruml Wheeler, UNH professor of computer science, head shot
Professor of Computer Science
Expertise: Artificial intelligence, Robotics, Computer Science
Dongpeng Xu, Assistant Professor of Computer Science at UNH
Assistant Professor of Computer Science
Expertise: Cybersecurity
Dr. Qiaoyan Yu
Assistant Professor
Expertise: Cyber security, Computer networks, Nanoelectronics
Jiadong Zang
Assistant Professor
Expertise: Materials science, Quantum matter, Physics