Alex Holznienkemper

Lecturer in German

Alex Holznienkemper is half German and half American, with all of his American side of the family stemming from NH. He grew up in Chicago and Virginia before moving to Germany at the age of ten and initially not enjoying German language, literature and philosophy at all!

After completing his German Abitur, during his undergraduate studies at the University of Arizona (B.A. 2006 and M.A. 2008), he discovered a new passion for  literature and philosophy and he hasn’t looked back since (Ph.D. from Ohio State in 2014). In a broad sense, his research focuses on the intersection of literature and philosophy, examining more closely terrorist figures in secular times, as well as contemporary literature written by Germans with strong family roots outside of Germany (Turkey, the Balkans, Iraq, Japan). One overarching interest is in examining how agreement on substantive social norms is achieved (or not) in a multicultural, secular public sphere.

German politics
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Alex Holznienkemper
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