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  • Professor Brent Loy

    Passings: J. Brent Loy

    J. Brent Loy, professor emeritus and longtime NH Agricultural Experiment Station researcher, died Friday, July 24, after being diagnosed four months ago with a rare sarcoma cancer.
  • New Hampshire Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory

    UNH Veterinary Diagnostic Lab Safeguarding Animal and Public Health in State, Region

    As the world continues to focus on responding to the COVID-19 pandemic, New Hampshire should not let its guard down about additional diseases of potential importance to the state and nation. 
  • Hurricane Maria

    Beyond the Wind Scale

    Large, extreme storms are becoming more frequent worldwide under a changing climate, creating a need to understand the short-term and long-term ecological repercussions.
  • Ecologist Serita Frey

    Serita Frey Named Ecological Society of America Fellow

    UNH soil ecologist Serita Frey has been named a Fellow of the Ecological Society of America.
  • Seaweed/cow illustration

    Green Plate Special

    At UNH, SEAWEED has made itself useful as everything from a healthy platform for raising mussels and trout to a salty-sweet ingredient in a university-brewed beer. Now, it turns out, it may help...
  • Generalist rodents such as this deer mouse disperse fungal spores at a time when many seeds are germinating

    Non-Picky Eaters Effective at Spreading Spores

    Small mammals such as mice and chipmunks who are not picky eaters play a more important role than previously known in dispersing the spores of wild mushrooms and truffles, according to new research...
  • slide of coccidioides fungus

    Rescue Dog Brings Out-of-State Disease

    A pathologist with New Hampshire Diagnostic Veterinary Lab at UNH recently diagnosed the fungal disease Valley fever in a rescue dog from Arizona. It is the first time the lab has diagnosed the...
  • view of cow fields

    Seaweed Research Benefits Region’s Dairy Farmers

    Organic dairy cows fed kelp meal produced less methane for part of the summer grazing season, according to researchers with the New Hampshire Agricultural Experiment Station at UNH. Based on these...

    Grasslands Take Advantage of Northeast’s Warming Winters

    As climate changes, Northeast winters are warming more rapidly than other times of the year.
  • Moonshine was the first white pumpkin released from UNH, a medium-size pumpkin with a dark handle.

    For Jack o’ Lanterns, White is the New Orange

    UNH researchers have ensured that pumpkin lovers have plenty of variety to choose from when decorating for this spookiest holiday of the year.
  • Oyster farming

    N.H. Oyster Farming a Growing Industry

    New Hampshire commercial oyster farming industry gains ground, has substantial growth potential.
  • Scientists found similarities in how solutes such as salt were exported from different watersheds, but differences in how sediment, such as sand and silt, responded to the storm.

    Eyes on a Hurricane

    UNH researchers study Hurricane Maria's effects on Puerto Rico to understand impact of New England storms on watersheds.
  • Chimney Swift Adenovirus 1 (CsAdV-1) was diagnosed in five nestling chimney swifts submitted to the lab by the wildlife rehabilitation center Avian Haven of Freedom, Maine.

    NH Veterinary Diagnostic Lab Identifies Virus in Chimney Swifts

    Pathologists with the New Hampshire Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory at UNH have identified the first reported virus in chimney swifts, an adenovirus called Chimney Swift Adenovirus 1, which may...
  • squashesand cantaloupe

    Fruits of UNH Breeding Research

    Gardeners preparing to plant their fruits and vegetables have several new pumpkin, squash and melon varieties to choose from this year.
  • A Perfect Partnership

    A Perfect Partnership

    Students in UNH’s brewing program have brewed a pale ale using squash grown as part of the NHAES breeding program.
  • Chad Hammer and team survey river banks.

    Graduate Student Research Recognized by Society of American Foresters

    Chad Hammer named the Graduate Student of the Year by the Granite State Division of the Society of American Foresters.
  • saltmarsh sparrow

    New Genomic Ecology of Coastal Organisms Program

    UNH and UMaine are partnering for important research.
  • Goal: Sustainable Food

    Goal: Sustainable Food

    A new aquaponic greenhouse aims to provide a model to increase sustainable food production.
  • Calf

    Milking It

    Feeding pregnant dairy cows the vitamin niacin prior to giving birth improved the quality of their colostrum, according to new UNH research.
  • Oyster River in autumn

    Stronger Storms Hamper Rivers' Clean-Up Powers

    New UNH research aims to improve health of Great Bay Estuary.
  • a quart of organic seed harvest strawberries

    Breeding Better Berries

    UNH scientists are developing the first strawberry varieties specifically for organic agriculture in the United States.
  • Quinoa field trials at UNH

    Crazy for Quinoa?

    UNH researchers are exploring whether a high-value crop could be grown successfully in northern New England.
  • UNH students eating in Holloway Commons

    Guiding Stars on Campus

    Guiding Stars raises awareness of healthy food choices available on campus.  
  • TunnelBerries strawberry research project at the UNH Woodman Horticultural Research Farm in Durham, NH

    Strawberries in November

    UNH researchers have succeeded in quadrupling the length of the Granite State’s strawberry growing season.
  • UNH's Ryan Stephens finds a truffle in the Bartlett Experimental Forest.

    Finding Five New Truffles

    UNH researchers supported by the NH Agricultural Experiment Station have identified and described five new truffle species, including two that have been found only in New Hampshire.
  • William McDowell

    Long-Time COLSA Researcher Honored

    William McDowell has been named UNH's 2017 Distinguished Professor, an award that aims to identify and honor longstanding members of the faculty.
  • Getting Dirty

    Getting Dirty

    Two major federal grants are supporting UNH research on soils and climate change.
  • UNH graduate student Lesley Atwood

    Stories of Science

    One of the most challenging aspects of any scientist's work is successfully explaining to lay audiences the details and importance of complex research, but several College of Life Sciences and...
  • cow

    High Tech Holsteins

    It’s the middle of the night, and doctoral student Kayla Aragona has just received a text message on her cell phone from a cow in labor at the UNH Fairchild Dairy Teaching and Research Center.
  • Molly Jacobson ’17 collects bees as part of her 2016 Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship (SURF) project examining the biodiversity and conservation of native pollinators in southern New Hampshire

    Popular Pollinators

    The buzz about New Hampshire’s bee population isn’t all bad. This spring, assistant professor of biological sciences Sandra Rehan and USDA research fellow Erika Tucker released the results of a first...
  • A cow at UNH's Fairchild Dairy

    Call of the Cows

    It’s the middle of the night, and doctoral student Kayla Aragona has just received a text alert at home on her cell phone from a cow in labor at the UNH Fairchild Dairy Teaching and Research Center. 
  • Pre-veterinary students at UNH

    Veterinarians in the Making

    Prospective veterinarians hoping to get into one of the nation’s handful of schools of veterinary medicine who attend UNH for their pre-vet coursework are seeing success.
  • Nathalie Diagne of Senegal  and Louis S. Tisa, a researcher with the NH Agricultural Experiment Station

    Salt of the Earth

    Salt left behind from ocean spray is so concentrated on land in parts of Africa that one can see salt crystals in the soil sparkling in the sun. For farmers in these areas, the increased salinization...
  • University of New Hampshire welcome sign

    UNH Research Finds Great Recession Changed U.S. Migration Patterns

    The economic shocks of the housing market crisis and Great Recession were associated with striking changes in net migration patterns in both rural and urban America, with rural farming communities...
  • Lilacs at Woodman Farm at UNH

    Remembering Professor Rogers

    Owen Maurice Rogers, professor emeritus of plant biology in the College of Life Sciences and Agriculture, passed away on May 24 at the age of 85.
  • UNH-developed pumping varieties

    Garden Time

    Shockwave, a new cantaloupe, is one of nine new UNH-developed cucurbit varieties now commercially available. (Courtesy photo)
  • UNH's Becky Sideman with peppers

    Profitable Peppers

    UNH researchers have found that many varieties of bell peppers grown in high tunnels produced excellent, high-quality fruit.
  • Wooded area at Thompson Farm

    Stopping Spring Showers

    Researchers with the NH Agricultural Experiment Station at the University of New Hampshire have launched a multi-year project to investigate how droughts may impact Northern forests, which play a...
  • UNH graduate student Kaitlyn Orde

    On Trial: Spinach

    New Hampshire growers interested in adding spinach to their winter crop production soon will have additional information to help them select which varieties to grow and when to plant, thanks to a...
  • forest imagery

    Seeing the Forest and the Trees

    For hundreds of years, foresters have taken to the woods with tape measures in hand to assess tree inventories. Now this labor-intensive process is getting some high-tech help from University of New...
  • New Hampshire State Champ American chestnut tree

    No Chestnuts To Roast on an Open Fire

    New Englanders searching the woods for chestnuts to roast on an open fire this holiday season will be hard pressed to find a mature American chestnut tree bearing nuts. American chestnut has been...
  • UNH researcher and plant developer Brent Loy

    The Menu Makers

    As New Englanders sit down to give thanks this week, their Thanksgiving tables may be filled with an abundant supply of delicious, locally grown foods thanks, in part, to extensive agricultural...
  • Christine Carberry '82 and Megan Cooley '17 pose for a photo with an award.

    Science Career Options

    Christine Carberry ’82  wants science majors to know a science degree can take them to places beyond a lab or a classroom.
  • UNH Milk - Fairchild Dairy

    UNH Milk: It Does a Body Gold

    Among the many student, faculty and alumni achievements chronicled throughout the pages of this and other UNH Magazine editions, it’s important to note that sometimes, the school’s dairy cows need a...
  • Strawberry Fields Forever

    Strawberry Fields Forever

    Researchers at the NH Agricultural Experiment Station (NHAES) at the University of New Hampshire investigating a strawberry production system used throughout the nation’s leading strawberry producing...
  • University of New Hampshire

    UNH Integrates Nationally Recognized Anti-Bullying Program into Graduate Education Program

    Educators and students discuss how the Courage to Care program has helped their schools increase civility and empathy, which has been shown to reduce bullying. In the United States, it is estimated...
  • chantel bilodeau

    First Woodward International Playwriting Prize Goes to New Yorker

    Competition helps the Department of Theatre and Dance bring international culture and awareness to the university community.
  • University of New Hampshire welcome sign

    UNH Receives $1.8 Million Grant to Help English Learners in Nashua

    The University of New Hampshire has received a $1.8 million National Professional Development grant from the U.S. Department of Education's Office of English Language Acquisition to increase the...
  • UNH researcher Ken Johnson

    Carsey Institute: N.H. Population Growth Slows to 50-Year Low

    Kenneth Johnson, senior demographer at the Carsey Institute and professor of sociology at UNH
  • UNH Model UN

    Model UN Team Wins Distinguished Delegation Award

    The University's Model United Nations team has been recognized as a distinguished delegation for its representation of the African country of Tanzania. The UNH students attended Model UN earlier this...
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