Thompson School Makes A Difference to Aspiring Businessman

Naithan Couse ’08

Monday, March 17, 2014
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naithan couse

Naithan Couse’s company, Make a Difference Landscaping, runs seven landscaping crews and each has its own specialty: mowing, construction, irrigation and lighting, and general maintenance. With 18 employees and a wide variety of equipment for each crew, along with stocks of bark mulch, various aggregates, and loam and compost, it makes for an impressive operation. But Couse takes it in stride.

“My educational interests were very degree specific,” says Couse, who started a lawn mowing business while growing up in Lee, N.H. “I really wanted a hands-on education. I focused on landscape operations and learned plant identification and placement along with proper pruning techniques and soil analysis.”

Then, Couse added another degree in applied business management. “It only took an extra year,” he says. “You really need to know your numbers to run a service business. It means you can create a clear pricing schedule that includes indirect and direct overhead. That makes for clear estimates.”

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