Williamson Hall Staff Bonding at Demeritt Hill Farm

Williamson Hall Staff Bonding at Demeritt Hill Farm

Now that the school year has really started, it seems like the Williamson Hall staff is spending late nights in Dimond Library preparing for exams, having group homework sessions in the lounges of Williamson, and attending various meetings in the MUB and around campus.  There has been little opportunity for the staff to spend “fun” time together.  A few weeks ago, Jacki, the director of Williamson Hall, and I thought it would be an awesome idea to take the staff to Demeritt Hill Farm in Lee, NH for some staff bonding time.  We ended up going this past Sunday afternoon.

Apple PickingDemeritt Hill Farm is only five minutes away from the UNH campus, making it accessible to the majority of UNH students and residents of the seacoast area.  Our staff was quite excited about the pick-your-own apples experience, but Demeritt also offers pick-your-own peaches, nectarines, blueberries, pumpkins, and other fresh vegetables throughout the growing season.

After running into the Christensen Hall staff and exploring the Demeritt Hill farm store – which was full of delicious treats like tubs of homemade fudge, maple syrup, local sodas, cookies, chocolate covered Twinkies, pumpkin whoopie pies, donuts, and apple cider – we hopped on the complementary hay ride that took us into the apple orchards.  There was a TON of different apple types to choose from, and our staff took a good hour taste testing apples, and picking out the best ones to bring back to campus to snack on.

Apple Picking When we were finished apple picking, we walked down to the central part of the farm and took lots of pictures.  There was a bunch of the big wooden boards with funny scenes painted on them, and we stood behind them and took a bunch of silly pictures.  We then went and saw the ponies, chickens, and goats.  I’m pretty sure the staff was just as excited about seeing goats as they were about picking apples and eating homemade fudge.

I think a few hours at Demeritt Hill Farm was just what our staff needed to relax and have some fun together – I would recommend that any UNH students interested in having a relaxing, convenient, and fun weekend day should check out Demeritt in Lee, NH!