Wildcats Love Wild Kitty!

Wildcats Love Wild Kitty!

Half way through the summer before you leave for college and you’ve spent all your money on Gatorades and snacks for your room, text books and school supplies, and maybe a new mirror, you’ll tell yourself this:

“Okay, now that I have everything I need, I can save the rest of spending money for next year’s textbooks.”

Well, tell yourself that as much as you want, but as any UNH Wildcat will tell you, when its 1 a.m. and you’re hungry, Wildcatessen (otherwise known as WildKitty) has everything you need.

Behind Stoke hall, and closely located to Scott, Jessie Doe, and multiple other dorms, “Wild Kitty” is so close that on weekends, most people will tell you they prefer to walk a hundred feet to the Wildcatessen rather than walk the seemingly one-thousand feet to Holloway Commons. Not to say us Wildcats are lazy, but rather there is nothing better after hours of homework than hot buffalo chicken tenders, some waffle fries, and Snickers. Meal plans might not be accepted, but thankfully, along with taking cash and credit, they accept dining dollars and Cats Cache.

I’ll be honest, my first semester I pushed myself as hard as possible not to spend the extra money when I have meal plan already. I think everyone tells themselves this, but it’s the convenience that counts. Whether it be running late for class, you can run in and buy a Special K breakfast shake, or just go over at around 6 or 7 p.m. at night when you need a study break to get a Red Bull Flavor Shot! Most importantly though is that Wild Kitty is open every night until 1 a.m. Especially important on the weekends, you’d be surprised how packed the little convenient store and delicatessen really gets.

Wild Kitty has it all. Buy yourself sushi or candy, mozzarella sticks or a fruit salad, grilled cheese or muffin — you can even get a pint of Ben & Jerry’s! It’s loaded with options, the best of which are hot off the grill or out the fryer (You can even order online). So if you believe you will save that little bit of money you have left over from buying textbooks at exorbitant prices, you might as well save it for after a long night out, dancing with your friends at midnight. After all, you worked up a sweat and deserve it, right?