Wildcat Resolutions: Simple Tips and Tricks for a Successful Spring Semester

Wildcat Resolutions: Simple Tips and Tricks for a Successful Spring Semester

Coming back from break is always great. You’re back on campus with your friends and, for many, back in a place where you aren’t trapped at home. There’s always one struggle that comes with the start of the second semester, too: getting back into school mode. Sleeping until noon seems preferable to 8 a.m. classes, video games are way better than homework, curling up with the family dog is much more inviting than walking from one side of campus to the other in the chilly winter weather. But we all have to face reality and get back into the Monday-Friday academic grind. This semester doesn’t have to be a repeat of the fall semester though! Take what you learned about time management (or what you didn’t learn) and make some changes to help find success!

  1. Schedule It

G calIf last semester you struggled with time management, it’s time to become acquainted with Google Calendar (or some other online calendar of your choice). Put in all of your class times, when club meetings are, and other commitments you have. Then add in the daily events that you didn’t think you’d need to put into a calendar. Schedule homework time, gym time, chill time. Schedule your time in a way that will be beneficial for you. In the extreme case you can even input meal times. Seeing when you’re busy and when you’re available during the day can help make a week seem a lot less hectic.

Bonus: write all of this out! That’s right, if you have a wall calendar or an agenda make sure to copy your schedule into this physical form. Writing down important deadlines and dates can help you better remember. Plus, you always have your schedule if your phone dies or you don’t have your laptop with you. Fail-proof organization here.

  1. You Time

While it is important to have time set aside to study and ace your classes, it is also important to make time for yourself. Go do something new. Never gone to bingo at the MUB? Head over for a few rounds. Need a night off after a Thursday morning exam? Check out what movies are playing at the MUB. Feeling cooped up in your dorm room? Head on over to Portsmouth or down to Boston! Just remember to bundle up and bring your student ID! Do something that’s for you. Relax and enjoy a little bit of “you time.”

  1. Get Organized!

This goes along with scheduling, but can be a little more time consuming. If one of your problems last semester was not knowing where your assignments were, you need to get organized. Some quick and simple tips for getting organized:

  • Write everything down. Underline important deadlines and dates. Give yourself daily or weekly to do list. There are very few things as satisfying as crossing off a task on a to do list.
  • Post It. If you need to see something in order to remember to do it, take a Post It note and stick it somewhere on your desk or on a mirror so you remember to do that task!
  • Folders! Have a folder for every class and find a way that works for you to organize said folder. Keep an extra one around for miscellaneous papers.
  • Weekly Cleaning. This may be hard if you have roommates or just no time but picking one day a week to do a good cleaning of your space can really help with organization. Throw out papers you don’t need to reduce clutter. Go through your drawers and put aside things you do or don’t need.
  1. Visiting a Center

If you are struggling with your academics, there is probably a resource center on campus that can help you out.


Having a successful semester is all about what you choose to do. So go out and have your best semester yet! Join a club, try something new, ace your classes, be you. Good luck, Wildcats!