Why I Chose the University of New Hampshire

Why I Chose the University of New Hampshire

@UNHAdmissionsA few days ago, @UNHAdmissions tweeted, “Accepted students are making enrollment choices soon: @UNHStudents @UNHAlums – share with #UNH18 why you chose/loved @UofNH! #IBelieveinUNH” which made me very nostalgic. Because I can’t possible answer this tweet in 140 characters or less, I decided to answer it with a blog entry.

I don’t like to say that I found the University of New Hampshire, rather the University of New Hampshire found me. After my senior year of high school (yeah, class of 2011!), I realized I wasn’t ready to attend college so I spent an exciting – note the sarcasm – year working at a retail store as a cashier. Once I was ready for college, I began searching for schools again. What’s interesting is that for whatever reason, UNH never came up in any search on College Board.

I found myself reading reviews for another New England school and someone commented saying, “if you like X (X being the school I was reading reviews about), you’ll probably like UNH as well.” Now, my family and I had been visiting the beaches of New Hampshire and Maine since I was a baby, so I was surprised that I had never thought to look into schools in New Hampshire. I typed ‘unh.edu’ into the search bar, pressed enter, saw a beautiful photo of Thompson Hall in the fall and was sold. I knew I had found the school I had always been dreaming about.

I immediately applied and was accepted in March. I got the postcard advertising admitted student days and planned a weekend with my family to (finally) visit! I had studied the map of campus before visiting so I would know which buildings I was looking at. I’ll never forget the first drive down Main Street admiring how beautiful the campus was not only in the pictures that I had seen, but in real life! The visit exceeded my expectations and ended with the purchase of a navy blue UNH shirt that I proudly wore for the rest of the day. First (but not last!) UNH shirt!

Two weeks after I visited the campus, I was talking with my mom outside on a sunny April day. We were talking about UNH and all of the opportunities it presented. We talked about the location (4 hours from home, less than 30 minutes from the beach, 1 hour from Boston), how fantastic the food at HoCo was, how picturesque the campus was, how much fun hockey games at the Whitt were going to be, etc. Suddenly, we both just looked at each other and knew that it was time to make it official. We ran inside, paid the deposit, and celebrated by going out for ice cream!

Thanks to the tweet from @UNHAdmissions (and the handy Timehop app), I was reminded of this moment that took place two years ago on April 13th. Since that moment, I have never questioned my decision to join the University of New Hampshire Class of 2016. To the students still trying to decide between schools, pick the place that feels right to you and don’t over think it too much because the college that you choose becomes a part of you.

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