What to Know About the UNH Mobile App

What to Know About the UNH Mobile App

For the past two Fridays, I have been running the UNH Social Media booth at the resource fairs for prospective students along with the other work-study, Sam Gorski. It gives us the opportunity to talk to potential #UNH18 students and their parents, and answer any questions they may have. While some of the questions are quite basic, and get eye rolls from the clearly embarrassed high school seniors, lately, we’ve been fielding lots of questions about the UNH mobile app.

Many of the students here already know of – or should know of – the UNH mobile app. Version 2.0 will be released later this month with lots of new and exciting features! Laundryview which allows the student to check the status of the laundry machines in their dorm will be added as well the MUB movie schedule which features showtimes and contains links to IMDb. Expect the ‘Map’ module to be enhanced, too! Speaking of maps, the ‘Augmented Reality’ map will feature geo-tagged media on Instagram and Foursquare. The ‘Dining’ module will also see a big change with the addition of a news and events section as well as hours of operation schedule. Best of all, the new mobile app will be iOS 7 friendly and feature a new interface with the introduction of a folder scheme!  In this blog entry, I’m going to go through the current version of the mobile app and note the highlights.

The UNH Mobile App   Transit. This is arguably the most popular module on the UNH mobile app. Essentially, this module minimizes the time you will wait for the bus because you can track the bus on this module! I found this feature to be particularly useful on bitter February days because I could simply wait inside the nearest building until the app said there were three minutes until the bus arrived.

Dining. This module allows the user to select which dining hall they are going to be eating at and view the menus. (As mentioned above, this will be further updated when the app itself updates.) If you live for the Hawaiian pizza, this module is perfect for checking to see exactly where and when you can indulge.

Map. This module eliminates the embarrassment that comes along with being a freshman who can’t find their way on campus. Most of the students check their phones to and from class so if you’re clueless as to where Pettee Hall is, you can find it using this module while blending in with everyone else around you! Embarrassment = gone!

Athletics. Suppose it’s a Saturday night and you have nothing to do but are in the mood for a riveting game of hockey. With this module, you can check the schedule of any sports team here at UNH. Don’t feel like making the trek from Hubbard to the Whitt for the hockey game? You can check the scores right from this module!

News. If you like to stay up to date on all of the happenings at UNH, then the news module is for you! Here you can look at all of the latest press releases, the UNHToday newsletter, campus journals, and student news straight from the MUB!

Social Media. The ultimate list of all things #UNHSocial is here! Literally every single organization, department, and alumni group on social media is organized onto one huge (alphabetized!) list. (Pssst, follow us on Twitter and Instagram @UNHStudents)

Events. Don’t know what to do tonight….or tomorrow…or this weekend? The events tab lists all of the events going on at UNH in five separate categories. With this module, you’ll never be bored again!

Courses. For current students, this module can really help with registration anxiety. On this module, you can access a complete list of course offerings for spring, summer, fall, and J-term classes.

Get Help. This module is helpful in the event of an emergency and/or crisis. Find all of the important hotlines and numbers on campus here. You can save your favorites to your contacts for easier access if need be.

Computer Labs. Looking for a computer to use on campus? This module tells you where they are and how many are available. It even breaks it down to number of Windows computers available and Mac computers available so you can find an open computer with the operating system of your liking.

Photos/Videos. This module is geared at prospective students. Prospective students, if you haven’t already, check these modules out and admire our beautiful campus!