What team? WILDCATS!

What team? WILDCATS!

I like to think of myself as a pretty loyal sports fan. I’ll watch any game that’s on TV, but when it comes to “my” teams, I’m a die-hard. And since receiving that beautiful UNH acceptance letter in December of 2011, the Wildcats have become one of those teams I’m devoted to forever. Now, I do understand that everyone’s interest level in sports varies (I’m not gonna lie, I know NOTHING about basketball), but that being said, I’m a big advocate for supporting your team.

So here’s the challenge I’ve put myself up to and I invite all of you to do the same, since the Wildcats are your team, too: Go to at least one game/meet/match of every UNH sports team before graduation!

Half way through my sophomore year and I’ve covered the basics: men’s and women’s hockey and basketball, football, baseball, and gymnastics. Those down, and that only leaves a lot to go!

UNH FootballI want to present to you the perfect chance to start on this goal:

For those of you who weren’t yet aware, our football team just secured a spot in the playoffs for the tenth straight season following a 24-3 victory over Maine. This is a huge deal! The NCAA playoffs are coming Wildcats! So for those of you who will be in town for Turkey Day weekend, Saturday (November 30) at 12pm, your career as a devoted Wildcat fan begins. Go ‘Cats!