Welcome to UNH!

Welcome to UNH!

Hello Incoming Wildcats!

Welcome to the Paul College family! You’re only days away from moving into your home away from home – a scary but unbelievably exciting adventure! Paul College is a fantastic college to be a part of, recently ranking in the top 100 best undergraduate business schools. You’ll come to love the building and many of the people inside of it, if you have not begun to already. As a former FIREAlexis1 Igniter and current student on the Sophomore Shadow Committee, I’d like to welcome you to the FIRE Program as well. Within this first-year program, you’ll develop friendships, academic and professional skills and important connections, AS LONG AS you take advantage of what FIRE and UNH has to offer.

As an incoming freshman, I’m sure you’ve researched and found blogs that describe extra tips or things you wouldn’t necessarily know going into your first year of college; I certainly did. Below, I’ve listed some UNH specific points that I think you can benefit from as you begin your wildcat journey:

  • Represent yourself well – As a business student, you’ll be introduced to many alumni, potential employers, and other great connections that may help you pursue your goals in the future. Be careful what you post on social media and how you act in a public setting. You’re going to be given so many opportunities throughout your four years here, one mistake or bad choice may affect those opportunities and outcomes.
  • Get involved, fast! – UNH has this awesome website called Wildcat Link where you can scroll through the 300+ organizations here on campus. If you happen to find nothing you’re interested in but have a club/organization idea, you have the ability to create it yourself! Aside from meeting new people who share similar interests, your experience here at UNH may be a lot more rewarding and fun by getting involved.
  • Get to know your professors/TA’s – Never hesitate to attend office hours held by your professors and TA’s. Students at UNH are highly encouraged to get to know their professors and TA’s early in the semester so that by finals week they are comfortable asking questions and receiving help outside of class. Not only will your professors serve as great learning aids, but they may also serve as networking tools for future job opportunities. Introduce yourself during the first week and throughout the year give them a positive reason to remember you.
  • What’s On Wednesdays – Every Wednesday in the MUB (Memorial Union Building) an activity is held, whether it be free mug making, local singers, comedians, etc. Check your UNH Mobile app to stay updated on each week’s events!
  • Dining Dollars – Most of you will have a meal plan that includes dining dollars! Just like a debit card, a swipe of your ID will allow you to purchase food and drink at many locatiAlexis3ons on campus: Wildcatessen, vending machines, the Dairy Bar, Union Court, Zeke’s, Albert’s, and CornerStone, as well as any dining halls on campus. Take advantage of your dining dollars each semester rather than spending your own money from your bank account.
  • FIRE Events/Career Center Workshops – Although FIRE events and Career Center workshops aren’t mandatory, take advantage of them throughout the year. Events geared towards networking, interview prep, resume reviews, cover letter writing and LinkedIn will really help you prepare for summer internships and future job opportunities. There are plenty of activities on campus that are geared towards setting you up for success, but it is up to you to find them and participate in them.
  • Late Night – Philbrook Dining Hall, or “Philly” is open until 11pm Sunday-Wednesday whereas other dining halls close around 9pm. If you’re coming back from a late class, an intramural game, or just have a rumbling stomach, stop in and grab a bite to eat!
  • Weeknight Activities – There is always something going on, whether it be improv, a capella, yoga, intramurals, varsity sports, club meetings, bingo, Greek life events, comedians, movies, dorm hall activities, etc. Become user friendly with the MUB’s weekly calendar and attend a few events each week! Not only will you receive FIRE points, but you will also meet a lot of people and enjoy a night out of your dorm room.

Becoming a college student may seem intimidating for some and more exciting for others. Just remember that there are hundreds, even thousands of kids on campus who are in the same position that you are in. Meet new people, try new things, have fun and enjoy your time here! Just as high school did, the next four years will fly by. Take advantage of everything UNH has to offer and set yourself up for success!

Go Wildcats!

About Alexis Gray ’19:

Alexis Headshot

Alexis Gray is a determined second-year student at the University of New Hampshire where she studies Economics and Psychology. Alexis completed her education at Somersworth High School as the salutatorian of her class. She was the treasurer for class council, secretary for National Honor Society, historian for student council and a three-sport athlete, holding four school records in track and field.

At UNH, Alexis is an Igniter within the FIRE Program, a volunteer for Aspiring Hands, a student on the Sophomore Shadow Committee, an active intramural player and a new member of the UNH Track and Field team. She looks forward to making a difference amongst the communities she interacts with this year.