We Are the Champions, My Friends: UNH Celebrates Safely on Main Street

We Are the Champions, My Friends: UNH Celebrates Safely on Main Street

New Englanders love their sports, that’s for sure. So, Sunday night was a big night in all of New England, UNH included. Whether you are from here or not, the love for our sports teams here is undeniable, and somewhat contagious. You can’t watch a game with a New England team, with a New England fan, and not smile at their passion for their team. Yes, their team – they are a part of it. Their whole heart and soul is in it and that’s something you don’t see everyday. As we all know, New England fans everywhere were ecstatic on Sunday, Feb. 1, with the outcome of Super Bowl XLIX.

Patriots Nation


If you have gone to UNH for some time now or just read the news you know  we have a history for getting out of hand when exciting things happen. Exciting things such as our favorite sports teams winning championships. Well, this past Sunday, Feb. 1, the New England Patriots won against the Seattle Seahawks in the NFL Super Bowl XLIX at the University of Phoenix Stadium in Glendale, Arizona. The ending score was 28-25, Patriots, a close call and made for an exciting game. With the up and down atmosphere of the game and the feeling of not knowing who was going to win until there was about 20 or so seconds left made up for a nerve-racking game and a much needed celebration. Of course, leading up to this game students received emails from the school reminding us to be safe, and to enjoy the Super Bowl. Everyone anticipated what us Wildcats were going to do this time. Much to their surprise, and I’m sure to a lot of us, the celebration was tasteful and ended with no arrests. That’s a win for us, Wildcats.


President of UNH, Mark Huddleston and students at Super Bowl celebration on Main St, on Sunday, 2/1. Photo courtesy of Kelsey Aten 


Hearing these kind of things really just warms your heart as a student here. For so long UNH had the reputation of getting out of hand when trying to celebrate something good. There was no need for that. We redeemed ourselves this past Sunday, Wildcats. I think I speak for all of us when I say no one is upset that this went well. No one wants things to get too out of hand, despite what some people may think of us as a university in that regard. Main Street was full of high hopes and celebration on Sunday night. UNH President Mark Huddleston was even in attendance – and he wasn’t there to reprimand, but to celebrate just like the students. Students took pictures with Huddleston and Huddleston took to Twitter remarking on what a great time he had with students by saying “Super celebration of Pats win in Durham with students tonight. Thanks, everyone, for the great spirit & good vibe!”

These celebrations bring honor to this university and unite us as one. With authorities and students alike celebrating the win it was clear that the Pats were not the only champs that night, Wildcats. We won as a university because we chose to celebrate wisely. As Huddleston said, there was a “great spirit & good vibe” that night and let’s hope this translates to many more good spirited celebrations at UNH. Everyday is a great day to be a Wildcat and that was proven on Sunday night.