Ways To Stay Active at UNH…

Ways To Stay Active at UNH…

…that don’t involve going to the gym!

As college students, I feel like we can get caught up doing homework, going to class, going to student organization meetings, hanging out with our friends, and spending countless hours in the dining hall.  Sometimes we forget to take times for ourselves and for exercise.  I’m totally guilty of this.  A lot of the time the gym is super busy (though there is a plan for expansion in the works!) so people may be discouraged to go, even though it is an amazing facility.  I’ve found that there are a lot of other ways to get exercise around campus that don’t involve going to the gym and fighting for an elliptical!

1.  Take a walk through College Woods or around campus.

2.  Throw around a frisbee or baseball on T-Hall Lawn or in front of your residence hall.

3.  Join an intramural sports team.

4.  Take one of the free fitness classes offered through the Hamel Recreation Center.

5.  Go to the free yoga sessions offered in the MUB every week, or pay for a membership to Three Bridges Yoga in downtown Durham.

6.  Go for a swim at the indoor pool in the Field House, or the outdoor pool next to the Whittemore Center once it opens this summer.

7.  Go for a run around the neighborhoods of Durham, or around the track at the football stadium.

8.  Utilize one of the lounges in your residence hall, and complete a fitness video on YouTube.

9.  Grab a basketball or volleyball, and play at one of the courts around campus.

10.  Get a game of whiffle ball going in the Fishbowl.

As the weather gets warmer, there are plenty of opportunities to stay active on campus.  I would encourage you to try some of these ideas out if the gym is too crowded.  What do you do to stay active outside of the gym?