Utilizing the Center for Academic Resources

Utilizing the Center for Academic Resources

With the end of the semester approaching fast (can you believe we only have 17 regular class days until finals start?!) I thought it would be a good idea to talk about my experience with the Center for Academic Resources, otherwise known as CFAR.  They’re located right on Main Street in Smith Hall (the same building where the admissions office is).

What’s great about CFAR is the variety of resources they offer to all UNH students.  They provide academic counseling, peer academic mentors, course selection resources, and GRE and graduate school services to everyone.  Some students, including myself, can also qualify for Student Support Services (this is determined by your level of financial aid).  These students can get subject area tutoring, financial literacy classes, and more!

When I was an underclassmen, I utilized a lot of the workshops that Student Support Services offered me through CFAR.  I attended a financial literacy workshop, where I learned about building credit, taking out loans to pay for some of my expenses, and budgeting my money.  I also attended a workshop on understanding the FAFSA form and how to fill it out correctly, which was super helpful when I had to fill it out each year with my parents.  Finally, I attended a workshop on searching for scholarships, and how to use databases more effectively when looking for money for college – that one was super helpful too!

Besides the financially-focused workshops I’ve attended, there were two others that I found very useful.  One of my favorite staff members from CFAR, Randy Schroeder (who was also my academic advisor during freshmen orientation!) led a workshop on creating professional resumes and choosing a career.  I attended that as a sophomore and is one of the best workshops I have ever been to.  Most recently, I attended Randy’s GRE Prep Class.  We covered everything from the test structure and strategies, to taking practices tests and doing practice math problems.  And I did alright on the GREs!

If you feel like you’re struggling in any of your classes, managing your money or your time, I would encourage you to check out CFAR.  For even more comprehensive services, be sure to check and see if you qualify for Student Support Services, and GOOD LUCK on finals!