UNH’s Star – Alex Preston

UNH’s Star – Alex Preston

UNH’s American Idol

American Idol is a household name – we all recognize it from the days of Simon Cowell to how it has evolved during the years into what it is now. Of course, the show has changed in many ways but one thing has remained the same – the talent. Each year the talent is outstanding, and the last season, UNH was proud to call one of the contestants one of its own. Alex Preston, Mount Vernon, NH native and former UNH Wildcat, made it to the final three in season 13 of American Idol.


Alex Preston Comes Back to UNH

Even after his stardom, Preston did not forget his Wildcats. He has come back a number of times to perform for UNH and show his Wildcat pride. Preston’s most recent showing was held at WUNH on Thursday, November 6th. Preston performed a few songs, and after stayed for an interview. The lobby of the WUNH studio was packed with fans of Preston. UNH students and even some students from the local high school came to support Preston.


After the interview, Preston and his band came out to the lobby and talked to the students. Preston and his band spoke about growing up, and their times at UNH. It was a great experience seeing a band fully made up of Wildcats who are doing what they love and doing so well. Preston took the time, as did his band, to really connect with those who came out to support them. They were authentic and raw with their fans and it made them that much more awesome. Alex Preston and his band are on tour. Be on the look out, they’re the next big thing.

Will you be at Alex’s next show?