UNH's Coolest Courses [Part 8] A Pleasure Cruise

UNH's Coolest Courses [Part 8] A Pleasure Cruise

This week’s course is a trip on a cruise ship.

“Can he be serious?”

“Is that even real?”

“That’s made up.”

Students in HMGT 698 Top/Cruise Ship Management spend 6 days at sea from NYC to the Caribbean, and back.

This one course includes gourmet food, scuba diving, rock climbing, sailing, shoreside horseback riding, disco dancing, water slides, shopping, and fine wine. You must journal the whole experience.

The next obvious question is, “What’s the catch?” There is some classroom time onboard the ship. This includes meetings with the ship’s captain and crew. It’s all very hands on.

As for workload, the final includes a 30 page reflection on the experience produced from the journal you have kept. This should include photos (which do not go towards the page count. So take down a lot of stuff while you’re doing it!) You will earn those 4 Paul College credits.

What more needs to be said? People do this for vacation, and now you can earn college credit for it. Enjoy!

If you’ve had a good experience with other courses, go ahead and drop the course name and a quick explanation for why it belongs in the series in a comment. If you disagree with the selection, or had a bad experience, I’d like to hear about that too.