UNH's Coolest Courses [Part 6] Rock Climbing

UNH's Coolest Courses [Part 6] Rock Climbing

This week’s coolest course is another antidote for those of us who get stir-crazy after a day spent sitting at a desk. Rock Climbing covers techniques, equipment choice and care, and even how to teach it. The last one is great for camp counselors, or outdoor rec majors, (who are really life-long camp counselors, and good for them) and active types in general.

Even better, there are some rescue techniques, so if you ever saw yourself as the type to set your jaw, strap-in, and rappel down a cliff to say the day, here’s a chance to get a flavor of that.

There are some demonstrations and lectures, but over all, the course is “hands-on,” with a focus on “student  interaction.”

To cut through the jargon, that means mostly you’ll be rock climbing with your friends.

There’s no course reading listed, so don’t expect to be bogged down in endless homework over this one. There is a $125 special fee, but hey, that’s life. Does that mean the next Sir Edmund Hillary or Chhurim Sherpa could find the thirst for adventure first awakened in their soul was first awakened at bouldering wall of the Whitt? Maybe. It could be you, Wildcat.