UNH's Coolest Courses [Part 5]: Beverage Management / International Wines

UNH's Coolest Courses [Part 5]: Beverage Management / International Wines

“We have that?”

That’s the usual response to hearing about this week’s course: Beverage Management/International wines. In other words, wine tasting. This is a chance to experience some of the finer things in life here at UNH.

This class delves into the history of wine, but also beverages ranging from beer, ale, spirits, to liquors and mixed drinks. Yes, here’s a chance for those wonderful extracurriculars to get you some college credit.

Now the blurb online says the course plans to teach you about purchasing, storage, service, and most importantly: evaluation. That’s why the course insists you be 21 years of age or older to enroll. That’s a hard-line requirement, and you face an AF if you try to sneak in under the line!

But hey, if you’re getting into restaurant management this could be really valuable. If you’re planning on rubbing elbows with the rich, powerful, and sophisticated, this could give you a leg up. Even if you’re not a business major, you could take it easy for at least one class in a schedule packed with mathematics and sciences.

This isn’t exactly a weekend wrap-up; the classes are on Monday and Wednesday evenings. But it could still take the edge off at the end of a long day.

If you’ve had a good experience with other courses, go ahead and drop the course name and a quick explanation for why it belongs in the series in a comment. If you disagree with the selection, or had a bad experience, I’d like to hear about that too.