UNH's Coolest Courses [part 4]: Scuba Diving

UNH's Coolest Courses [part 4]: Scuba Diving

This week we’ll dive into another adventure opportunity through coursework. KIN 533, or Basic Scuba. This course hopes you will learn the basics of scuba diving. For class work, expect to study safety and problem prevention. This isn’t an environment where you want to mess up.

For benefits, you can expect five dive sessions. At least one of which will take place in the open ocean. This is a great course for marine biology type majors, who plan on doing some work involving scuba diving in the future.

But I recommend it to anyone for the chance to get out out of the dorm room and in the water, to take your eyes off a screen and see a world so strange, it might as well come from another planet. Granted, you won’t be diving anywhere exotic yet, but think of this course as the gateway, the first turn of the key.

Expect to work hard in this course. Expect it to be worth it. Expect a level of comfort in the water to be assumed. If you don’t have that, you can always visit Swasey Pool to brush up, or get back in shape.

If you’ve had a good experience with other courses, go ahead and drop the course name and a quick explanation for why it belongs in the series in a comment. If you disagree with the selection, or had a bad experience, I’d like to hear about that too.